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29 Dec, 2022
MeitY stepped into the gaming world. Are key changes coming?

The online gaming market in India is booming at an exponential rate. Covid times has added to it because the work-from-home scenario and people sitting at home have even promoted and persuaded people to tend toward the gaming industry.

The seven-member inter-ministerial task force had been deployed by Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). So that the task can make national-level legislation to regulate the online gaming industry.

This task force is required to make national-level legislation that is a central regulatory body to see what is going on in the online gaming industry and there are grievances of people and gamers are coming regularly.

There should be someone who should be able to control it and regulation is required in the industry because the industry is improving. The more important fact is capital, people's pocket is included in it. Multiple rounds of discussions were created by a minister with skill-gaming platforms, industry associations, lawyers, and gamers who sought a self-regulatory policy framework with a light touch.

Inventive movement of MeitY as the nodal ministry of online gaming. Industry leaders on 27th December 2022 hailed the government's decision to appoint the IT Ministry as the nodal agency for online gaming-related matters.

"The decision is in line with the Government's initiative to push for the growth of the AVGC sector and making India a global hub for online gaming."

Industry leaders celebrate it by keeping faith that this innovation would bring clarity and certainty to all partners.

Condemnation of Online Gaming:

  • High addiction
  • Loss of capital
  • Tend to suicide
  • Poor amendment mechanism
  • Deluding advertisements
  • Trustless and uncertainty
  • Online gaming can also put you in danger of online hacks and scams. The biggest hazards are - unwittingly downloading malware and viruses in devices with free versions of your favourite game, identity theft, account takeover, swatting and doxing, spyware, cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks, phishing emails, cyberbullying, and many more.

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