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25 Mar, 2020
A few tips for the perfect homework

With world working from home, it's time to make it enjoyable and effective.

It's time to go back to school again.


Well, not literally.

But only in a certain way.

With the world economy on the verge of coming to a standstill courtesy Corona, we the helpless corporate executives have to nevertheless keep the show on.

And just how.

It's time to take office into your drawing room and do what you had almost forgotten about… the HOMEWORK.

Working from home is a different experience altogether.

It's fun at the same time frustrating.

With an employee going through a different state of mind while doing the work he is used to doing in the closely competitive corridors of the office in the close comforts of home , it's time we take a good look and revamp the idea of working remotely.

Not only does it reduce the mental burden of work but also make the effort more fruitful.

So here are a few boxes we all should tick before we start a home office.

  • Firstly it is important to understand that despite being at home it is going to be the same official agenda that one follows in office. So a formal start to the day's work is important instead of a lazy happy-go-lucky beginning. Hence a proper toilet routine and appropriate wardrobe is important.
  • The workstation should be neat and clean. No taking the home for granted and slouching on the sofa while at work. No one should know that you are home for fun.
  • The login and logout time should be regular as in the office with the same time spent for breaks and lunch. Time is money.
  • Break free at break time. Yes, it is true that you are working, so what from home, but it is also true that you never missed that 15 min break time to have a puff, a stroll or some quick coffee.
  • With the all important official mail never failing to answer your boss's queries, an alternative medium of entertainment and communication like the Slack, Zoom, Skype etc to work and unwind with fellow workers at the same time is also an important add on.
  • Never quarantine yourself in the virtual village. It is good to be together in the clouds rather than a useless digital distance with each other in the team. Log in together and set the work targets in close consultation. Work in tandem so as to meet the goals as far as possible at the end of the day.
  • Look out for the odd man out. The co-officer who is not participating in the celebration of work from home should not be left alone. He should be included in the group unknowingly and in full force through duty and party.
  • Think macro and not micro. Leader ship is important for any success and specially in case of remote working. Please do not wash your hands off after completing what you were assigned. Instead be the leader, take note of others and be a force to drive.
  • Those who are experienced in remote working should be consulted to keep others motivated and out of problem.
  • Team lunches albeit virtually is a big way to refill that lost energy.
  • End the day on time. Ask others to log off and relax.

A few simple yet mind boosting ways go long way in keeping the team spirit up even while the organization is going through a rough patch along with the world.

Happy hours at home and all the best for the Corona crusade.

ISOEH is the organization which teaches top techniques to fight virtual viruses.

Read on for more stories on cyber security and Corona virus.


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