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Saikat Mainan "I have started my journey as a student of ISOAH since 2021! In my opinion, if someone wants to start his or her career in cybersecurity then ISOAH is one of the best places. This institute not only provides courses to students rather they also helps to make a proper career for every student in the field of Cyber Security with proper direction and guidance. The mentors and faculties are very helpful and they are always there for help! I feel proud to be a student of ISOAH."

Saikat Mainan

Debajyoti Maity "ISOEH has ignited my passion for cybersecurity with its fascinating courses. The dynamic curriculum, led by industry experts, offers a perfect blend of theory and hands-on experience. The engaging classes and real-world simulations have made learning cybersecurity not just educational but enjoyable. ISOEH's commitment to ethical hacking adds a valuable dimension to the training, ensuring graduates are not only skilled but also responsible professionals. In just a short time, ISOEH has opened my eyes to the captivating world of cybersecurity."

Debajyoti Maity

"The first option for a B.Tech undergraduate and others for a hands-on training on relevent topics before you join the IT industry, should be ISOEH without a doubt. The courses offered are very much relevant to the current times and are updated. The faculty members are very hardworking and helpful. The facilities provided are professional and the timings for the courses are flexible, they can be altered according your preference. I have a personal experience of attending the "advanced Java (J2EE)" course under the guidance of faculty at ISOEH, and the experience was wonderful. I have future plans of building a career on information security, and I look forward to continue training under ISOEH only."

Shubham Das
Works at PWC

"In today's digital world every one is using various online services starting from electronic gadgets to medicinal requirements.

But very few of us are aware of proper security that is needed to safe guard ourselves against Hackers or malicious software that can steal our privacy/money. I am an IT professional and I was looking for some courses on Anti-Hacking, and after some search I came to know about some Institutions who offers such courses. In my list I got IIHT, Jet-King and ISOEH.

I have a very hectic history with IIHT so I called Jet-King who informed me that no classes are available in weekends, the last option for me was ISOEH. I was not sure what to do as to me this institution is very new. So I asked some of friends who in terms suggested that this is a good institution.

I went to get enrolled in CEH and after a few days I felt like I am glad that I enrolled here. The faculties are awesome specially Gulab Sir(You will definitely like him). You will get good guidance, faculties are friendly, flexible course option is available as per your feasible time."

Subhankar Naskar
Works at Emiron Green Energy Pvt Ltd

"ISOEH is presently one of the best institutions to learn about Cyber Security in Kolkata. It is best suited for both students and people who are working professionals (like me). Flexibilty with timing is a big plus point in here. I am currently taking the EH course with my trainer Mr. Gulab Mondal. One of the best thing about his teaching process is that he concentrates both on the practical training as well as theoretical knowledge. He is always ready to clear any doubts and is always enthusiastic to tell about new methodologies and motivates us constantly to cultivate this field of information technology."

Indrajit Dutta Gupta
Working with Cognizant

"ISOEH is the best institute . I also studied there (Core Java and Basic Android) Under guidance trainer. The faculties are very helpful and dedicated for their student's progress . It is the best platform for students . It also provides study materials for students and give their students a positive attitude towards studies and also give them the spirit of hardwork . It was a great experience . It is all ISOEH who makes my dream come true.
Thanks to ISOEH."

Kaushik Shaw
Student at St. Mary's Technical Campus, Kolkata

"ISOEH is the best institute . I learned(JAVA AND ANDROID) Under guidance trainer. My dream was to become an android developer. My dream came true because of ISOEH."

Sumit Mondal
Student at Maria's Day School, Howrah

"It is a very good institute if you want to chalk out a career route in security. Gulab Mondal Sir taught me CEH, NPT, WAPT. If it hadn't been for his guidance, I would have dropped this career path. He teaches in very detailed way, and we understood unlike any courses you may do online, hands on training will show you the way where you can think and hack yourself, using manual tools and using your own code."

Nabina Dey
Student at Calcutta University

"ISOEH is one of the best institute for learning ethical hacking. I have done CEH course under the guidance of Mr. Sanchayan Bhawmik and presently I am doing WAPT course the guidance of Mr. Gulab Mondal.
I am quite happy about the process of teaching as they covers both theoretical as well as practical aspects."

Purabi Roy

"This is the best place to learn ehical haking .. I have done this course.. faculties are very good friendly and helpful...and the way of teaching is very good... study materials are very useful."

Rohan Sen

"This is the best place to learn programming... I have done core Java course from ISOEH.. faculties are very good friendly and helpful...and the way of teaching is very good... study materials are very useful."

Tulip Goswami
UEM Kolkata

"I have finished my core java summer course from isoeh. The faculty are very helpful, environment is homely. It was a great experience. Thanks ISOEH."

Sanjay Bhattacharjee
Sona College of Technology

"I think ISOEH is one of the best institutes to learn about ethical hacking and network security. Presently I am taking the EH course with ISOEH under the guidance of Mr. Gulab Mondal. I am quite happy about the learning methodologies as it covers both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Gulab helps each student individually to clear the doubts.
I am very eager to learn about this domain and build my career forward in it."

Tuhin Dey
Works at Cognizant

"ISOEH is best institute to learn ethical hacking and network security. I am pursuing the CEH course from ISOEH under the guidance of Mr. Gulab Kr. Mondal. I am happy about his methods of teaching as he covers both theoretical and practical. Gulab sir helps everyone individually to clear the doubts & he is more friendly. I will pursue more courses from ISOEH and I will recommend everyone to pursue courses from this institute."

Dipjyoti Biswas
Kalyani Govt. Engineering College

"ISOEH is surely one of the best institutes to learn about ethical hacking and network security. Presently I am taking the EH course with ISOEH under the guidance of Mr. Gulab Mondal.
I am quite happy about his learning methodologies as he covers both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Gulab sir helps each student individually to clear the doubts. I am surely gonna pursue more career building courses from ISOEH and will recommend everyone to be a part of this institute."

Anshuman Tripathi

"I studied Java(core and advanced) from isoeh. Courses gives enough knowledge and concept to pursue larger projects in future. Faculty helpful and interactive. Overall experience very good."

Tanya Jena
KIIT Bhubaneswar

"Knowledge can be acquired by reading books. But in science and technology specially IT your knowledge is incomplete unless you get a practical feel of the subject. That's where ISOEH is creating an edge where the focus is on giving a practical experience of the subject rather than only theoretical study. The teachers are knowledgable, friendly and experienced and the students can learn more from their experiences.

Talking about Gulab sir specially who is very energetic, devoted teacher, always ready to help his students and he himself has a great passion for the subjects he teaches. It has been a fabulous journey for me with Gulab sir and my classmates so far."

Suprakash Chaudhuri
Works at Texpert Solutions

"I am Currently Pursuing EH course in ISOEH under the guidance of Mr. Gulab Mondal. Overall it has been a great learning experience so far.
Key factors: Individual Guidance
Flexibility to schedule classes.

Knowledge Transfer beyond the course
Provides Study Materials
Practical Oriented/Hands on Sessions
Gulab Sir is very helpful and makes sure to make each and every session an interesting one. He even gives an insight to topics beyond the course to make sure professionals like us can opt to make a transition to Security Domain."

Suchandra Sarkar
Working with Cognizant

"I am pursuing the EH course in ISOEH. Its been a great journey so far. My teacher Mr. Gulab Mondal is my perfect guide who made the class so interesting that it reaches to the top level. Being an IT professional I am hopeful to switch my career to this platform. Thank you ISOEH."

Anupam Bhattacherjee
Working with Cognizant

"Excellent... Android development courses..."

Suraj Saha
Student – Narendrapur RKMRC

"I am Madhurjya Banerjee. I am studying computer science and engineering in IEM KOLKATA. I have recently completed a course on Ethical Hacking from ISOEH. I was taught by Gulab sir. He taught very well. He is way of teaching made ethical hacking easy and interesting. It was approximately one month course with one day a week for 3hrs per day. Which was followed by an exam.
Hope to persue further courses with ISOEH in the future"

Madhurjya Banerjee
Student – IEM

"ISOEH is Nice place to learn and Improve your skills, Good for students who want to learn more about new technologies."

Samrat Ghosh

"I am a student currently in third year pursuing a Btech in Computer Science from IEM. I have attended the winter training course on Ethical Hacking from ISOEH.It was approximately a 15hours course followed by an exam. Our faculty, Gulab Sir was very good and taught us nicely covering some extra topics and teaching in the way we'd understand better.
Hope to pursue further courses from here."

Debali Mukherjee
Student – IEM

"ISOEH is a very good place to learn about Ethical Hacking and a load of other security related courses. Unlike other places they provide hands on extensive training which is very much needed to succeed in the domain. My trainer, Kirik Shankar Gupta was very helpful and supportive throughout the course and even now he helps me out if I run into any issues"

Nilan Saha

"I am a non tech student and i wanted to become a CEH....i have done courses in Two Institute but it is a total waste of time and money....none of the teaching staff was globally certified...I was totally confused when my friend told me about Gulab Sir in ISOEH....and finally i got a globally certified sir and i am getting the exact knowledge right now...so i would advice everyone to join Gulab sir batch in ISOEH.."

Sam Samy

"I have learnt C.C.N.A & R.H.C.E from I.S.O.E.H.,
I like my institution.
I like Anjan Sir(C.C.N.A, R.H.C.E Trainer) very much.
He always answers all of my quaries...
Now I am learning C.E.H from Gulab sir,
Gulab sir is very energetic....
He has got some great skills in hacking..
We learn every topic with fun....
I.S.O.E.H is like home and Anjan sir & Gulab sir and all of my friends,we all are family..."

Motilal Maity
"Being a B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering student, I learnt R.D.B.M.S, Core & Advanced Java, C.C.N.A, C.C.N.P. (Routing & Switching) from this institute. Now I am pursuing another 2 courses - one is Android (Basic) and another is R.H.C.E. Faculties are very helpful, friendly & knowledgable. I feel proud for being a student of Mr. Sandeep Sengupta (A well-known Information Security Analyst & C.E.O of Indian School of Ethical Hacking)."
Aniruddha Nath
Student – School of Engineering & Technology
"I'm Indrajeet sharma. i'm student of indian school of ethical hacking.Being a non-technical guy i was bit confused when i have joined ethical hacking course at ISOEH. But now i am very comfortable with Gulab Sir.........His way of teaching is just awesome.I feel lucky that i have taken a right decision to join ISOEH. I will recommend other students without thinking twice they can join ISOEH. Thanks ISOEH!."
Indrajit Sharma
Student – K.P.J.H.V.M
"I have recently completed a course on Android(Basic) from ISOEH.I was tought by the best faculty. He's way of teaching made Android easy and interesting.Sir was very helpful and teaching in the way I'd understand better.Even now he helps me out if I have some problems in developing any new apps.I highly recommend students who wants to learn Android should go in ISOEH.
Thanku Sir."
Anjali Sinha
Student – Dr. KNMIET, Ghaziabad
"I have been there for the android basic under ISOEH faculty and i'll be glad to say he personally take care of each student, You may ask que whenever u required i have been asking que even at the mid night.... Thanku sir..."
"it was a great learning experience. Sanchayan sir is very helpful and great during classes.Anyone interested to learn ethical hacking is recommended to join ISOEH."
Deborshi Bhattacharjee
Student – Adamas Institute of Technology
"This is kaushik Dwivedi i m a student of bca i have join isoeh for EH and C programming under Mr Gulab sir class and i am really comfortable how sir teaches us . And am happy with isoeh"
Kaushik Dwivedi
"I am raghav singh and i am the student of isoeh i learn under gulab sir in iseoh and this is a great experience learning under gulab sir in every class i get new new ideas n gaining new new things regards computer and as all i can say this is a great experience learning under gulab sir."
Raghav Singh
"i am yahiya ansari student of BCA
I am studying in ISOEH Under Gulab sir
he is really a great teacher i never feel any topic hard in my class.
i have learn lots of thing from ISOEH hoping to pursue my future career as a Ethical Hacker.
Thanks again ISOEH"
Aryan Raaz
"Being a M.Tech student from non-computer science background, i did not have knowledge about Object Oriented Programming. Therefore, I took a Python Programming winter training at ISOEH. This course helped me a lot to understand OOP..Faculty Gulab sir taught me basics of Python and also advanced tool-building techniques. I am thankful to ISOEH, and look forward to do cyber security course in future."
Chandranee Das
Student – National Institute of Technology Warangal
"A perfect environment for academic growth. Faculty like Sanchayan sir and Kirit sir provides the maximum knowledge. All over, I would reccomend anyone to join ISOEH !!"
"I have attended 1 month summer training programme in this institute under the guidance of ISOEH faculty on android course, I must say I have learnt a lot from him. His calm and friendly nature towards his students makes us comfortable to share our problems regarding the particular course. He is ever ready to help his students whenevr required. I am realy thankful to the faculty and isoeh for the knowledge and guidance they provided.
Thank you"
Shampa Dutta
GIMIT, Guwahati
"I got the best experience from this institute,excellent Working environment with Mr Sanchayan Bhaumik.(CEH,CHFI)"
Kunal Pandey
Student – GNIT, Kolkata
"I am a student of ISOEH (INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING) I had done CCNA in guidance of Mr ANJAN BISWAS and now i am doing CEH AND PYTHON under guidance of Mr Gulab mondal i want to thank both of them including the INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING for such a good quality of education in security feild."
Gunjan Chakraborty
"One of the best institutes in India overall, with best of faculties.
A small yet core team of highly passionate and experienced ethical hackers managed by none other than Mr.Sandeep Sengupta!
Hats off to Indian School Of Ethical Hacking. I am proud to have done my internship from here which helped me a lot in my infosec career. I have had a blooming career now currently working as a senior security consultant with one of the best of 0-day bug bounty hunter team in India."
Samrat Das
Working with Deloitte
"I passed my EC-COUNCIL'S CEHv9 exam with a good score from ISOEH saltlake,kolkata. Had a better guidance with professional faculties especially under Sir-GULAB MONDAL."
Lucky Aron
Student – BIT Sindri Dhanbad
"I am a student of ISOEH (INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING) currently I am pursuing CCNA in guidance of Mr ANJAN BISWAS,,, INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING is a good quality of education in security feild."
Student – K.K Das College
"I am student of Ioseh(indian school of ethical hacking) and have attended a summer here. The key features going for this place would be its personalised teaching, there are relatively fewer students in a batch, the teachers are friendly and go beyond the course to help us out in attempting Global certification examinations like CCNA, CH etc. They value your time and try their best to adjust accordingly. For me who wants to go down the lines of a penetration testing, the experienced faculty(certified pro PTesters) is very valuable."
Student – VIT, Vellore
"The best training Institute in Kolkata for learning Android. All the faculties are very cooperating and mainly the faculty under whom i have done my Android Basic course. He is a genius of a man with a knowledge in android as big as ocean. He is very sincere. The atmosphere is very homely. You guys would be like to join ISOEH for any sort of cyber related training as well as software training. Thank you so much ISOEH for your nice cooperation."
Srijit Das
Student – Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology
"I was a student of Python Programing in ISOEH.They have a very good faculty.They got a very good knowledge on the subject.They have taught me very well and the training was totally practical based.They have provided us study materials and tools as well... Atmosphere of the institute was very good.Best Institute in Kolkata..."
Sabarni Ghosh
"I had a very enriching experience at ISOEH. My teacher, Mr. Gulab Mondal managed to teach me a lot more than what can be taught in a period of one month. The topics covered, without a doubt provided great insight into the realm of ethical hacking!"
Jyotica Singh
"I am currently doing the Basic android course. The teachers here are top notch and schedule is very tight. They are really helpful when it comes to understanding the students downfalls. However, the low student numbers in a class results to lack of competition but on the bright side you will be under the focus of your teacher. If you want a institute with great teachers this is the one for you"
Sagnick Rzeznik
Student – MCET
"ISOEH has helped me to grow into a promising software professional by superb courseware, excellent faculty and latest development tools. Now I am working in Infosys Ltd and very much confident to face any challenge."
Ajitesh Maity
(Working in Infosys)
"Excellent course material and well qualified faculty at ISOEH has helped me a lot to score good marks in college semesters."
Shrobon Biswas
student at WBUT college

(formerly known as IIIT, Calcutta)
"After completing Web Penetration course from ISOEH I have learnt a lot in Web Security area and it has added a value in my career and my confidence level has been very high. Thanks for their practical approach of teaching."
Rajat Parwal
Student, Manchester Business School, UK

Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer