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Android Programming


Kariwala Towers, 4th Floor, Plot J/1-5, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091

"Certificate of Participation"
will be given to each participant

will be provided

For further enquiry contact Call: +91 9007392360, +91 8100103831
Workshop duration:
1 day x 6 hours

Workshop Details

Workshop on Android Programming is suitable for newbies to advance techies. Participants may bring their own laptops. A certificate will be provided to each participant.

This workshop on Android Application Development will include the following:

Day 1 (Session 1)

  • Introduction to the Android world
    • Android Architecture
    • IOS Vs Android
    • Scope as an Android App Developer
    • Understanding Android Studio IDE and SDKs
    • What is API Levels?
  • Understanding the Building Environment for Android
    • Basic programming languages intro: Java and XML
    • What is Front-End and Back-End environment
    • Designing Front-end through XML
    • Designing Backend through JAVA
    • Practicing various design Layouts
  • Understanding Layouts
    • What are Layouts and Widgets?
    • Working with various layouts: Linear, Relative, Table, Frame
    • Working with various Widgets: Text-View, Edit-Text, Buttons, Image-Views, and Scroll View etc.

Day 1 (Session 2)

  • Getting familiar with Activity
    • What are Activity and its Life-Cycle?
    • Designing an Activity
    • Practicing its Life-Cycle
    • What is Manifest File
    • Registering the Activity in Manifest File
    • Setting up the Android Virtual Devices
    • Testing your Hello World Application
  • Introduction to Intents
    • What are Intents
    • Types of Intents: Explicit and Implicit
    • Starting another Activity using both types of Intents
    • Sending Data from one Activity to another
    • Building Android Intent App to perform login page
  • Understanding various Notifications
    • What is Toast?
    • What is Dialog and Alert-Dialog?
    • What is action-bar Notification?
  • Developing Applications
    • Splash Screen Application
    • Android using SQLite application
    • SMS Application
    • Camera Application

Project to be Covered

  • Splash Screen App
  • SMS App
  • Camera App
  • Android using SQLite
  • Android Geocoding Application
  • Android Json parsing Application etc


Faculty Profile

Mr. Bikash Sharma

A graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Bikash is an Android Developer and Corporate Trainer. Proficient in Java & Android, he is currently an integral part of ISOEH, developing Mobile apps for clients, as well as helping students in their final year projects & internships.

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