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Course Description

Be confident that you can efficiently meet stakeholder expectations with a robust Personal Information Management System (PIMS) including the requirements of GDPR. Work with our world-class privacy trainers on our Certified Lead Implementer Professional Training Course to ensure your PIMS is BS 10012:2017 and GDPR compliant and your cloud services are compliant to ISO 27018. The course is conducted by BSI.

Who should attend?

  • Data Privacy Officers and those who will be involved in advising top management on the introduction of BS 10012:2017 into an organization
  • Designed for core implementation and auditing teams with responsibility of compliance to global privacy compliance frameworks such as GDPR, GAPP, APEC and OECD
  • Those planning to lead and implement a system, or new to managing a system
  • Consultants responsible for implementing data privacy frameworks

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this training, delegates will be able to understand the key concepts and principles of

  • Privacy concepts and PII categories
  • Privacy Principles
  • Privacy architecture based on ISO 29101
  • Phases of PII processing Lifecycle
  • Privacy Organization structure
  • Requirements of BS 10012:2017 and GDPR to establish PIMS including Data inventory & data flow, Privacy Impact Assessments etc.
  • Interpret the requirements of from an implementation perspective in the context of their organization
  • Conduct a base line review of the organizations current position with regard to ISO 29100, ISO 29101, BS 10012:2017, ISO 27018, GAPP and GDPR
  • Integrate globally acceptable best practices with the present management system
  • Complete the Certified Lead Implementer Professional BS10012:2017 and GDPR Certificate Exam


7 hours x 5 days
Weekend, evening, weekdays - Classes Available

Course Fees

Course Fees

Inclusive of all taxes

Course Details

Day 1
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Course Aims, Objectives and Structure
  • Pre-course assessment
  • Introduction to GDPR & Privacy concepts
  • GDPR Background
  • Territorial scope
  • Mapping of GDPR with BS 10012:2017
  • Privacy Terms and Definitions
  • How do we recognize PII?
  • Phases of PII processing Lifecycle
  • Privacy Principles – BS10012:2017 and GDPR
  • Rights of Natural Persons
  • Q and A
Day 2
  • Day 1 recap
  • BS 10012 - Identification of Context of Privacy in Organization
  • Leadership and Commitment to Data Protection - PIMS Policy
  • Organizational Roles & Responsibilities
  • Planning – Actions to address risks and opportunities
  • Embedding PMS in the organization's culture
  • Legal basis
  • Data Inventory & Data Flow
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Q and A
Day 3
  • Day 2 recap
  • Privacy by design & default
  • PIMS objectives & planning to achieve them
  • Operational Planning & Control
  • Data Protection Officer & Data Protection Representatives
  • Training & awareness
  • Implementing the Principles of GDPR
  • Implementing Rights of natural persons
  • Incident Response & Breach Reporting
  • Administrative Fines
  • Q and A
Day 4
  • Day 3 recap
  • Cross Border Transfers
  • Certification Schemes - Proposed
  • Supervisory Authority
  • Sub Contracting
  • Obligations of Controllers and Processors
  • Cloud computing
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Internal Audit
  • Introduction to Audit Process
  • Audit Planning including Checklist
  • Conducting an onsite audit for privacy
  • Writing non-conformities
  • Management review and Continual Improvement
  • Q and A
Day 5
  • Recap and Quiz
  • Territorial Enforcement
  • Using CCTV
  • Q and A
  • Assessment: 2 hours
  • End of course

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