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We, at ISOAH Data Securities Pvt. Ltd., are committed to fully satisfy & support our students for their requirements in skill development, to be job ready, while mentoring them to be a responsible citizen. We put our best efforts to be responsible in meeting the requirements of all interested parties of the institute in the most professional manner.

We shall strive to achieve customer satisfaction through business excellence, continuous feedback, internal audit & corrective actions; and ensure continual improvement in our processes and activities by using efficient strategy and effectively implementing our management systems.

The quality policy has consistent with professional standards, government rules & regulations, and other policies of the educational organizations.

Managers should ensure that the Quality Policy is understood implemented and maintained by the organization.

The Educational organization top management should use the quality policy for guiding and leading the decision making for the personnel involved in the continual improvement of the educational process Management review committee reviews the policy at least once a year or whenever major changes are undertaken to ensure their continuing suitability, effectiveness and compliance.

The Quality Policy statement defines the organization's quality policy. All staffs are fully briefed about this policy on joining the organization & during planned training. The policy is complimented by sub policies and KPIs defined for each roles and responsibilities. All staffs are responsible to implement the quality policy, as well as achieve KPI targets. The quality policy is displayed at prominent places within the organization & is controlled.

Top management of ISOAH Data Securities Pvt. Ltd., while defining quality policy has considered the following:

  • It is appropriate to the purpose & Scope of the organization
  • It reflects commitment to meet the requirements, & continually improve the effectiveness of QMS
  • It is communicated & understood by all concerned of the organization
  • It is regularly reviewed for continuing suitability.