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13 Jul, 2021
Cybercrime Worth Rs 5 Crores - 12th Passed Student Caught

A student from Ahmedabad who just passed higher secondary education is caught by local police for a cyber crime. The individual has used 25000 foreign individuals' data to steal money from their bank accounts.

The young cyber criminal has targeted around 40 countries which don’t require OTP on online transactions.

Harshvardhan Parmar, the accused individual enjoys a luxurious life with the fraudulent money. The guy is found to be a son of a daily wage labourer, and his mother works in a municipal hospital; the family lives in Narayan Nagar. Harshvardhan used the “Dark Web” platform to access credit and debit card details of the victims, which he used to buy goods and then sell the same to get cash. The total value is worth 5 crore.

On investigation, a Pakistani native recognized as Zia Mustafa has come into the limelight who taught the hacking skills to this Hyderabad based individual. They have purchased card details from Russian hackers costing between USD 10 to USD 100, depending on the country of the victims.

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