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What goes into selecting a Web Pentesting consultant?

What goes into selecting a Web Pentesting consultant?
  1. OWASP Top 10 Concepts
  2. Decent Development Background Coding Basics
  3. Having a Hacker thinking psychology
  4. Knowledgeable in UNIX/Linux
  5. Participated in Bug Bounty Programs(Added Bonus)
  6. Attended a security conference
  7. Has published exploits or disclosures in Exploit-DB, Packet Storm, or other Vulnerability Databases
  8. Security certification is also a plus
  9. Knowing to code helps an pentester to understand white box logic
  10. Familiarity with OWASP top-10 helps design POCs and the know how of application vulnerabilities and attack vector
  11. Bug Bounties and Disclosures proves his/her research oriented bent of mind showing him as an exceptional researcher and learner
  12. Knowledge of Linux is must to handle PT distros such as Backtrack/Kali
  13. Certifications show he's willing to invest time to learn concepts and build his concepts and foundations. Security Conferences attendance shows his like-mindedness to mingle with hackers and keep upto date with trending hacker world.

Above points can be taken as a sampling basis.A lot more goes into making oneself a great hacker and researcher!

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