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21 Oct, 2019
SMTP Tester - Tool to Check Common Vulnerabilities in SMTP Servers

SMTP Tester is a python3 tool to test SMTP server for 3 common vulnerabilities:

  • Spoofing - The ability to send a mail on behalf of an internal user
  • Relay - Using this SMTP server to send email to other address outside of the organization
  • User enumeration - using the SMTP VRFY command to check if specific username and\or email addresses exist within the organization.

How to use it

First, install the needed dependencies:
pip install -r requirments.txt

Second, run the tool with the needed flags:
python SMTPTester.py --tester [tester email] --targets [SMTP IP or file containing multiple IPs]

Options to consider

  • -i\--internal
    Testing only for mail spoofing
  • code>-e\--external
    Only testing for mail relay
  • -v\--vrfy
    Only perform user enumeration the tool will perform both internal and external when no specific test type is specified, and will append the output to a log file on the same folder as the SMTPTester.py file.

SMTPTester Download Here: https://github.com/xFreed0m/SMTPTester

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