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30 Jul, 2020
KisMAC - Cyber Security Tools for Network Defense

What is KisMAC

This is a popular wireless stumbler for MAC OS X offers many of the features of its namesake Kismet, though the base code is entirely different. KisMAC offers a pretty GUI and was around before Kismet was ported to OS X. KisMAC is a wireless network discovery tool for MAC OS X. It has a wide range of features similar to Kismet; this program is geared to network security professionals without any experience in cyber security; you cannot use this tool like other similar tools.

KisMAC will scan networks passively on supported cards- including Apple’s AirPort, AirPort Extreme and many third party cards, are actively on any card supported by MAC OS X itself. KisMAC2 is a fork of original software with a new GUI, and new features and that works for OS X 10.7-10.10, 64bit only. It is no longer maintained. Data can also be saved in pcap format and loaded into programs such as Wireshark.

KisMAC Features

  1. Reveals hidden/ cloaked.
  2. Show logged in clients (with MAC addresses, IP addresses and signal strengths).
  3. Mapping and GPS support.
  4. PCAP import and export.
  5. Different attacks against encrypted networks.
  6. Kismet drone support.
  7. Can draw area maps of network coverage.

How It Works

KisMAC is a passive scanner. Rather than send out active probes requests, it instructs the wireless card to tune a channel, listen for a short time, then tune to the next channel, listen for a while, and so on. In this way, it is possible to not only detect networks without announcing your presence, but also find networks that don't respond to probe requests- namely closed networks. But that’s not all. Passive monitors have access to every frame that the radio can hear while turned to a particular channel. This means that you can not only detect access points, but also the wireless clients of those Aps.

KisMAC - Cyber Security Tools for Network Defense

How to Use KisMAC

  1. It is the best way to restart your computer in order to run the tool properly. This is done to enable the system to load all digital port drivers.
  2. Download the development code and compile it.
  3. Insert the text in appropriate fields in order to block the format in the terminal. It is the best to insert in one line instead of multiple lines during the process.
  4. Open the finder once step 3 has been completed and locate the KisMAC source folder. Open the folder and find the KisMAC .app icon. This is what you have created by doing the first few steps and will enable the software to work in conjunction with MAC OS more passively.
  5. There are three different options within the terminal:
    1. Enables the program to facilitate the download and will send you to the KisMAC source folder. This process is done at Home level.
    2. Change the direction path of the source file and lead it towards a directory named KisMAC source directory.
    3. Compiles the source only.
  6. It is important to read the source material that is available with KisMAC software as it is pertinent to understand it before attempting anything. KisMAC is mainly for professionals who already have a clear understanding about the programs.

KisMAC - Cyber Security Tools for Network Defense


git clone
http: //github.com/IGRSoft/KisMAC2.git ./KisMAC2
cd KisMac2
git submodule update -- init –recursive
open KisMac2. Xcworkspace

Download the Tool Here: https://github.com/IGRSoft/KisMac2

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