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06 Aug, 2021
Growing Numbers of Cyber Attacks In India In The Last 6 Months

India has become the new favorite for digital hackers. As reported by Check Point Research (CPR), in the last 6 months, the number of cyber attacks in India has tremendously grown. On an average, every week more than 1700 cyber attack cases have been encountered by Indian organizations. Whereas, globally it is reported as around 750 cases per week.

In India, these digital hackers are targeting industries like education, research, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing. These illegal activists have been found targeting the government and military sectors too.

According to cyber attack trends 2021, amidst pandemic organizations worldwide have faced malware attacks with an increase of around 90%.

The first half of 2021 wasn’t easy as the hackers were continuing exploiting supply chains, networks partners to create disturbance. Popular ransom attacks so far in 2021 include Colonial Pipeline, Solarwinds, JBS etc. No doubt, these attacks will reach their peak by the end of this year.

Likewise, it is expected that ransomware attacks will certainly keep growing, in spite of different security measures taken by the authorities.

Use digital precautions and stay safe from any malware or digital cyber attack!

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