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09 Jul, 2021
How Apple's Latest Security Policy Helping The Android Platform

Earlier this year, Apple has introduced the App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which allows users to have an extra layer of security in terms of using the iOS apps. That means, third-party marketers won’t be able to track users’ location without their consent; a truly constructive feature of the Apple users.

Now, as per reports, this advanced user-oriented security feature is turning out to be fruitful for Android. More third-party applications are transiting to Android from Apple. Tenjin, an ad analytics firm, has cited a decline of one-third in spending for Apple from June to July. Besides, the Android platform has observed a growth of 10% during the same period.

After the introduction of ATT, advertisers are unable to bid for targeted advertising. Besides, they are moving to the Android channel and found high demand. In June, they found a growth of 64% which was around 45% last year.

This also benefits Facebook, as most users in different countries use Android rather than Apple devices. This also led the Android ad rates to go up and facilitated many third-party companies like Facebook.

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