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24 Dec, 2020
Be Aware Of The Flipkart Big Billion Day Scam!

Online scams are rapidly growing in India. Scammers are getting clever and using different strategies to put people into their trap. Moreover, these illegal activists have entered into our smartphones without our knowledge - they are not limited to the email inbox.

Recently, as revealed by Cyberpeace Foundation, China-based hacking groups have targeted Indian shoppers using the name of Flipkart. The Chinese groups from GuangDong and Henan have smartly used the name of festive offers running on Flipkart to mislead people.

Firstly, we would like to clarify that Flipkart is safe, and people can shop on the platform without any trouble.

So how these Chinese scammers are using the platform to mislead people, let's check the complete story below:

As highlighted by IANS, these hackers have created a fake web page just a few days before the actual offers, "Big Billion Day Sale". Moreover, to make it look more legitimate, they have used the original logos.

As a part of the scam, people have received a shopping link that redirects them to a spinning wheel contest to win an OPPO F17 pro smartphone. Once you win the smartphone, the contest will tell you to share the link with your loved ones on WhatsApp. This only spreads the spamming and reaches to more people to steal their information.

In addition, to give it a real look, people will find several fake comments from people on the spamming link. The purpose is to make other people believe in this scam. And yes, you will never receive any phone or gift!

Interestingly, all these links are registered in Chinese based company, "Fang Xiao Qing".

As stated by Vineet Kumar, Founder, and President— CyberPeace Foundation:

"E-commerce scams are not new but what's more alarming is the covert cyber warfare Chinese entities are launching in India on a repeated basis."

Further, it is observed that the cyber attacks are mainly targeted in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Indian cities, and the data collected from these attacks is expected to be used for other cyber attacks.

These scams are still active and people are sharing the fake contest link with their family and friends blindly. Did you receive one too?

ISOEH (Indian School of Ethical Hacking) is one of the renowned cyber security institutes in India. We strongly advise people to investigate and research before opening or sharing any links with their loved ones.

Stay in touch for more helpful cyber security news!

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