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11 Jan, 2021
Leading Gaming Firms At Risk - Know The Full Story!

Shockingly, around half a million employees' credentials were breached and put on sale at Dark Web. As per reports of KELA, a threat intelligence agency, the data comprises employees of top 25 gaming firms. The gaming industry is on the top list of these illegal activists who harvest and sell confidential data at Dark Web.

KELA, as mentioned in its report, has found almost 1 million settled client accounts and employees of various gaming companies. It is found that the offenders have gradually shown interest in the gaming niche due to the novel corona virus pandemic. The pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and more people were spending their time playing games. With the growing demand for people, the industry has become one of the favourites for cyber criminals.

The intelligence company has been following all these activities on the illegal platform to verify if the stolen data can really help the criminals. Unfortunately, the data is so strong that a person can easily get into various gaming companies’ internal systems including admin panels, VPNs, project management softwares and others. This is a matter of concern as the threat actors could easily assault the system by spreading ransomware and hurt the company financially. This can even go worse by taking all the company's secrets and clients' information.

Not only random employees, but the list also includes employees of high job profile. To understand, let's check the statement issued by the intelligence agency in its report:

“We found that these credentials also include high-profile email addresses such as senior employees and email addresses which are generally a significant channel in the company – invoice, purchasing, admin, HR-related emails, support, and marketing are only some of the examples we noticed,”

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