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07 Jul, 2021
$70 Million Ransom Attack On 200 Companies In The US!

It is suspected that the famous russain cybercriminal group is behind the latest ransom attack, demanding 70 million US dollars and responsible for the 200 companies data leak in the US. The news came just weeks after the US President asked Russian government to take measures against cybercrimes.

In a blog post by REvil, the cybercrime group has confirmed the attacks initiated by them, and that they have demanded USD 70 million as ransom; in the form of bitcoin.

Huntress Labs, the US based security software solutions affirmed the REvil cyberattack that took place before the US Independence Day weekend.

Not only the US companies, but the attack also affected several other institutes using the Kaseya data- software company in the US, that includes Swedish grocery stores, New Zealand schools and some IT firms based in Dutch.

The US government is still not completely sure if Russia is behind these cyber attack campaigns. A special intelligence community is investigating the matter, and will confirm the details.

Further, as reported by FBI Director, Christophe Wray, there have been around 100 ransom attack cases in the US that they are working on from the last one month. REvil is the popular name that comes to their investigation list!

Stay tuned for updates…

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