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24 Mar, 2020
Adding Insult to the Injury: Corona Clubbed With Cyber Attack

Promises are meant to be broken.

At least in the volatile world of cyber crimes.

Trust the master minds of Maze Ransomware onslaughts, the blackmailing bad actors who are in action again.

Only this time it is double the usual threat.

Hammersmith Medicines Research, the British medical organization that had earlier researched the Ebola vaccine and is now on standby to perform the medical trials on any COVID-19 vaccine has been hit by the cyber crime group in terms of stealing medical reports of those affected by the virus and publishing them online to extort ransom.

A pledge by the culprits to not target medical entities in these times of crucial epidemic outrage notwithstanding, the attack came days before the pledge and has continued since.

The stolen medical data ranges between people from 8 to 20 years and has been published on the dark web.

Interestingly Hammersmith has been described as the latest' client 'by the Maze group.

The silver lining on the 'dark sky' however has been the words of Malcolm Boyce, clinical director of Hammersmith Medicines Research "We repelled [the attack] and quickly restored all our functions," he said, "there was no downtime."

He further stated that Hammersmith has not succumbed to the un ethical action of the actors and stayed away from paying the ransom even if that meant running out of business for the same.

On the other hand cyber crime resisting firms like Emsisoft is offering free technical help to combat cyber threats to medical organizations in order to save the situation from worsening.

ISOAH has been the anti hacking audits organization which is expert in eradicating all cyber threats from your system.

Read on for more stories on hacking and coronavirus.

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