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18 Jun, 2020
Can TCS allow 75% of their employees to work from home by 2025? The answer is probably a NO

The reasons are -

  1. Without having any need to come to office, employees will tend to move to their native home, where the electricity & internet connection is not good enough for the job.
  2. Will TCS set up leased line connection at each employee's home? And what about uninterrupted power supply / UPS? It will be more costly than bringing people to office.
  3. People will soon ask companies to reimburse their electricity bills and phone bills which they will claim to be consumed for office work while staying at home.
  4. Many will start working for two or more companies; or even freelancing; wasting company working hours.
  5. PCI DSS compliance process, where mobiles / papers are not allowed; where people have access to credit card / social security numbers; such processes are absolutely impossible to manage while working from home.
  6. Shoulder surfing is unavoidable. Kids playing with office devices.
  7. In absence of perimeter security, firewall, clean room; data breach will be common. India doesn't value NDA (non disclosure agreement). Casual & reckless employees will lead to major data breach; which will reduce outsourcing.
  8. Software development industry will see Intellectual Property theft. Even if we consider all codes on cloud, software development done over desktop on cloud, with no code allowed to drag & drop (or copy paste) to local laptop; people can still take photos of UI and replicate a software. Not so easy when you are within office and monitored by CCTV and colleagues.
  9. Attrition will go sky high as the bonding with office colleagues will be missing. No verbal chit chat, gossips. If you do the same over chat messengers, it is recorded. And it will get you fired.
  10. The balance between "work from home" and "work for home" is difficult to maintain while you stay at home. The conflict between local boss and the office boss will become unbearable.

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