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10 Sep, 2021
Attention! Microsoft Azure Vulnerability: Change Your Database Keys Asap

A serious update came from Microsoft on Thursday warning thousands of clients using cloud computing services. Likewise, renowned companies all around the world were informed about the vulnerabilities. As stated by the cyber security experts, the hackers could have completely accessed the information to read, modify and even remove the database.

The flaws are present in Microsoft Azure’s flagship Cosmo DB Database, and that have full control on databases of thousands of organizations worldwide. The vulnerabilities have been discovered by Wiz- Cloud Infrastructure Security, and have been rewarded with USD 40,000 by Microsoft; for finding and reporting the flaws.

Microsoft has emailed all its users about the incident and informed them to create new database keys. This could be termed as the worst cloud vulnerability that one can even think of; it is the central database of Azure.

Besides, some organizations have already been impacted as the attackers have replaced their database keys- before Microsoft reached them with the notification.The only solution is to change the database keys (from the users’ end).

In the modern era, where companies like Microsoft and others are approaching organizations to rely on cloud services, security concerns are rising gradually. Though, the cases are rare, but it goes worse once taken place.

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