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19 Nov, 2020
Data Breach - BigBasket, Indian Online Marketplace!

BigBasket is an emerging online platform in India helping consumers to buy daily household goods at attractive discounts. Recently, it was found that the exciting platform falls in a controversy of a data breach of its consumers' information, which was sold on the Dark web.

Cyble, a cyber intelligence firm in the US has revealed that the platform has a compromised data of around 2 crore people. The sensitive data includes email, phone number, and order details. Besides, no financial data has been traced by illegal activists.

Let's check some of the key facts about the BigBasket data breach below:

As per Cyble, the breach was observed on 31st October during the routine Dark web tracking session. Moreover, it was found the data was sold for USD 40,000 on the Dark web.

"The leak contained an SQL file 15GB in size with the personal data of almost 2 crore users. More specifically, this depository had names, email addresses, password hashes (known to be hashed OTPs), contacts, house addresses, date of birth, location, IP addresses among other data."

The online platform, BigBasket was later being informed by Cyble on 1st November, to which the company has filed a complaint in the local police station, Bengaluru.

On the incident, BigBasket said:

"The privacy and confidentiality of our customers are our priority and we do not store any financial data, including credit card numbers, and are confident that this financial data is secure."

Do you shop on BigBasket?

If yes, then there is a high possibility that your information is a part of the data breach and is shared on the illegal channel.

What's next:

As we know and confirmed the data breach from BigBasket and Cyble. It is advised to closely monitor your bank accounts (linked with the app).

Besides, since consumers add their credit/debit card information on the app for quick payments, they can certainly change the banking credentials and remove the card details or replace their cards from the bank.

Moreover, you can add two-factor authentication for your transactions.

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