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05 Nov, 2020
'Among Us' - Online Game Faced Spam Attacks

If you are a fan of online gaming, the information is for you!

The update is on the "Among Us" game which is a multiplayer social deduction online platform to be played among 4-10 players.

Recently, people have found excessive spam messages in their gaming chatbox. People from all around the globe have been irritated by this attack. Generally, they were getting random messages to subscribe to a YouTube channel named Eric Loris.

Many users/players have received threats of hacking their devices if they didn't subscribe to the YouTube channel. Moreover, people were getting notes to vote for Trump, along with the YouTube promotion.

Around 5 million gamers came across illegal actions globally. Players were exhausted by these actions and the frustration can be understood by their social media posts.

A player on his Twitter account tweeted:

"I hate it here; I just want to play a simple game without eric loris PLEASE,"

A message from another member:

"Hey guys, Among Us is getting hacked. The rooms get blacked out, players get kicked off, and a red character spams this nonsense,"

In all this, the game developer InnerSloth was working to fix the issues and suggested players play private games or join sessions with trusted people. Later, Forest Willard- the InnerSloth developer updated the server accordingly.

Besides, Mr. Willard launched another anti-hack wave to resolve the chat spam.

Willard mentioned on his Twitter account:

"Wave 2 is fully out. I am aware of some bugs, but it does seem like it was pretty effective,"

In the digital world, we cannot trust anyone. These hackers need little opportunity to enter into your server and perform mischief activities.

ISOEH (Indian School of Ethical Hacking) is one of the reputed cyber security institutes in India. We serve as a responsible member of the community and create cyber security awareness in people.

Stay connected for more cyber news and updates!

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