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30 Nov, 2020
'Who Visited My Facebook Profile' App to Hack Facebook Account

A grave crime of its kind took place lately. The gravity and speed of this incident are so high and it will indeed raise many eyebrows.

Cybercriminals, posing as social media or SEO assistants, tricked millions of Facebook users. Firstly, they ask the victims to provide their Facebook credentials via a tool that will show who visits their Facebook profiles.

Later, they logged into their accounts and posted various scam comments on various posts containing a network of websites which eventually led to a crony and fake Bitcoin trading site.

They scammed many people asking them to deposit 250 euro (minimum).

Within four months, from July to September 2020, they scammed around 13.5 million users (over 5.5GB) according to a cybersecurity company vpnMentor.

This is the worst kind of credit card fraud that affected millions of users. They shared these phishing links to renowned news sites like Washington Post as well.

They have created multiple fake news websites to confuse and manipulate the victims. Their final action point was to drive Facebook users to the scammy Bitcoin platform and trick them.

The report said - “We believe the fraudsters did this following the Meow attack, but can’t confirm".

vpnMentor says that these hackers posed as responsible folks suggesting people not to share their credentials with anyone.

If you have been cheated in this manner or a part of any such advancement, immediately change your Facebook credentials and stay away from any such offers. Be careful before picking any third party tool to manage and leverage your social media sites.

The world of Bitcoin heavily relies on the dark world and often operates without any monitoring.

Stay safe and updated. Subscribe to ISOEH to always keep you steps ahead in terms of cyber security.

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