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11 Jan, 2021
Is It The End of Whatsapp?

Yes, we are talking about our favourite messenger app, "WhatsApp". The application is so popular and needful that every smartphone user has it on their device. The disagreement started among the users as the company issued their updated terms and privacy policies.

There is no option to opt out or bypass the policy term. Hence, in order to continue using the services, you need to agree with the company.

Have you noticed the new policy update when you recently accessed the app?

Obviously, it is lengthy and tedious to read such terms. However, it is intrinsic to go through the information if it stores your data and have access to your important information.

No worries if you have missed to read through the update, let's understand it below:

Firstly, we are still on the former terms, the new policy will be implemented from 8th February 2021. The new terms have indicated how the company will handle the great data reserve, how it will communicate with businesses and how it shares the information with Facebook.

My way or highway…

Yes, it is pretty much the same! As per the new guidelines, you could accept or delete your account. No other way to use it.

What's more:

The company has expanded the section, "Information You Provide". Besides, it has specified account payment transactions and information collection during in-app purchase. Moreover, the Affiliation section has been changed to "How we work with other Facebook companies." The section consists of data collected by WhatsApp and to be used with third-parties or Facebook products.

Policy for forwarded media:

As per new terms, WhatsApp will temporarily store forwarded data in their servers. Therefore, if anyone gets any forwarded media, it will be stored in their server in encrypted form. Furthermore, the undelivered messages will be visible on the app for 30 days. Thereafter the data will be removed from the server.

Facebook companies coming into picture:

By Facebook companies, the organisation refers to companies owned by them such as Instagram, Oculus VR, Onavo and Beluga). All these companies will be able to access WhatsApp users' information (transaction data, IP address, mobile data, interaction etc.).

Besides, the contacts in our device who are not using WhatsApp, won't be recognized by the company. It is stated as:

"If any of your contacts aren't yet using our Services, we'll manage this information for you in a way that ensures those contacts cannot be identified by us."

Every company brings change for the betterment of its users. On one hand, where people are casual with these new policies, on the other, people are concerned with the information shared with the other owned companies. With the fear, many people have started looking for secured alternatives.

Bottom line is, either you choose the policy and continue using your WhatsApp account or terminate the services. The new policies will become impacted from 8th February, 2021.

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