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27 Aug, 2020
Smart Phones Containing Malware Aims To Steal Money

Security researchers have found some low-cost Chinese smart phones ship with malware that aims to steal your money. The low-cost Techno W2 smartphone has shipped with a malware that subscribes to paid services to steal the user's money. The budget smartphone sells in African countries like Egypt, Ghana, and South Africa along with Indonesia and Myanmar.

This causes the user to have not only high bills but high consumption of data as well. The thing is, this budget smartphone is attractive to the poorer section of society, those looking for budget smartphone offerings. The biggest downside is that this malware cannot be removed even by factory resetting the smart phone. According to Android Authority, "Transsion, the China-based company behind the Tecno brand, has pinned the malware on an unnamed "vendor in the supply chain process." According to the Buzz Feed report, "People in the United States are also being exploited. Earlier this year, Malware bytes, a security service, found preinstalled malware of Chinese origin in two phones offered to citizens with low incomes as part of the US government's Lifeline program, which provides subsidized phones and mobile data. Both phones were made by Chinese companies. Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is resorting to staying indoors and this has led to educational institutes and offices move to a study from home and work from home model. The lower-income group of society has resorted to budget smart phones to ensure they can stay connected and their children can participate in online classes.

This led to apps being downloaded on the phone without the user's knowledge that also tried to subscribe to paid services.

The user found that his prepaid data was consumed and he also received messages about paid subscriptions which he never signed.

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