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16 Sep, 2021
Marathon of Hacking

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon, simply described as a "Marathon of Hacking" a sprint-like event which involves computer programmers to collaborate intensively on software projects.

The Hackathon generally objectifies creation of software or hardware at the end of the event. This event mainly has definite focus which can include Programming Language, Operating System or Application Programming Interface. It can also be fanatically stated as a Codefest, a social event of coding where the computer programmers and interested people get together to improve upon cyber and its security.

What are the benefits of Hackathon?

Intensively, there are many useful benefits of hackathons. With that in mind, stating here few biggest benefits that will help you understand the importance of Hackathons:

  1. Exposure to Practical Stimulation: These types of competitions fundamentally open the practical stimulation experience for the participants to give them the basic knowledge of the outside world beyond theory.
  2. Experience of Practical Job Market: Properly conducted hackathons mostly provide the participants the actual job description and the role of a cyber security experts. As a result of which a participant is able to take calculations as to how the tasks are conducted.
  3. Understanding the Position: A participant while competing with a lot others exceptionally intelligent in the field of cyber expertise comes to know, his/her stand in the field. He/she also can assess himself/herself on the basis of skills, knowledge and dexterity. It is also beneficial as it can make the participant the gaps where improvement can be utmost required.
  4. Honing of Skills: Competitions like of Hackathon is certainly helpful to the participant for making him actually feel the intensity and magnitude of the subject so that they can look-in-to the matter in complete detail.
  5. Chances of Getting Chosen by Top Recruiters: Getting picked up by the top recruiters of the industry is highly probable in these competitions as the big shots of the industry continuously search for fresh minds and ideas to get in touch with. Hence, the chances of getting hired increases in a steep rising.
  6. Addition of Certificate to the Resume: Competitions like hackathon generally are conducted by the authorized body in collaboration with the government. As a result of which authentic certification is a prime advantage. This helps the candidate to update their resume with the certifications provided by the organizing body.
  7. Meeting new people: When you have the same interests with others, it's the best way to learn even more from the most brilliant minds. The basic point of hackathons providing an opportunity for developers and programmers to join their knowledge and accomplish outstanding achievements.
  8. Collaboration: Technology is an endless field of opportunities. Having an opportunity to work with like-minded people and deepen your knowledge puts you in a position to work as a team towards achieving a higher purpose.
  9. Innovation: Since one of the main goals of hackathons is developing new ideas, it's safe to say that every hackathon is a place where innovation is born. It's the most efficient environment for problem-solving and the most suitable place for developing.

Therefore, hackathons are events that boost inspiration, innovation, creativity, and productivity. On top of everything, hackathons are usually where ideas for entirely new products come to life.


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