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17 Jun, 2020
Salary of IT Professionals Post Covid-19

Human life is full of uncertainties, and these uncertainties often appear as big threats against man’s survival on this planet. Though man claims to be the wisest and also the strongest creature on this earth, Nature leaves no chance to show humans what they are up to. You may have no doubts whatsoever to accept that humans have made large progress in recent years, but still, Nature still claims to be the strongest power ever possible.

At present, the whole world faces the pandemic caused by Covid-19, a deadly virus that the scientists claim to have appeared either from the Wet market in China or in the institute of virology in Wuhan in China. The invisible destroyer, Covid -19 has put a question mark against the survival of man on this earth. Apart from making more than half-a-million people become victims, the virus has killed more than three-hundred thousand.

The impact of Corona Virus is all set to remain alive forever as the scientists are unable to find a sure treatment for this silent as well as the invisible killer. Since maintaining social distancing is a basic part of the treatment, therefore the whole world is undergoing phases of lockdown. You may hardly have any doubts in the utilities of lockdown; still, you may have no hesitation to accept that the lockdown has created a threat against money-making activities of millions of workmen from all over the world. The list even includes IT professionals.

The IT professionals, like any other workmen, are under stringent pressure regarding their salary. It is true that most of the successful IT companies are allowing their employees to work from the comfort and safety of their home, and that is one positive factor that may reduce their anxiety level to some extent. Still, the threat remains alive. The governments at all levels have warned the IT companies neither to remove their employees nor to deprive them of their salary. This is another big factor that assures the IT Professionals get their salary.

What Is The Truth?

After the lockdown started, the IT companies had also to shut down allowing their employees to work remotely. In this situation, the companies have lost volumes of clients and in the process; they have lost business as well, either temporarily or even permanently. If the situation continues, and if the companies fail to get back their clients and projects. Though the companies are trying their best to make their clients get the salary in full, there are potential chances of encountering salary issues.

What are the chances of IT Professionals Getting Their Salary?

Well, you may experience multiple issues in getting the Salary of IT Professionals Post Covid chiefly because of the fact that the companies are unable to generate the revenue to pay their staff. They may decide in multiple directions to maintain the status quo. The following are a few possible conditions related to getting the Salary of IT Professionals post-Covid:

  1. The companies may declare them bankrupts
  2. They may pay their employees on time
  3. They may even cut their salary to accommodate the available funds
  4. The companies may sack their employees
  5. They may shut down permanently or temporarily

However, in the last two months of lockdown, the experiences are a mixed bag so far. You may find companies that are making exactly the same decisions as mentioned in the list. Fortunate are employees who have got their salaries credited to their accounts. The world is waiting anxiously to fight it out against the deadly silent killer, Covid-19.


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