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18 Jun, 2021
Vishing Attacks - Know About Voice Call Scams!

Our readers are well aware of phishing attacks which are generic and mostly operated by emails; to steal users' information or spread malware in the system. Similarly, vishing attacks are the advanced version of phishing attacks, but over the phone or a voice call. In addition, vishing attacks have several variants that impact different individuals and organizations vigorously.

These cyber-attacks have been destructive for the world in the recent past. In 2020, around 241K victims were recorded which estimates around USD 54 million; including phishing, pharming, smashing, and vishing attacks.

How people get trapped in these cyber attacks:

The major reason that users fall into the cyber trick is due to human misjudgement; better to term it as social engineering. In the first place, these hackers pretend to be a trusted authority and contact their victims. They may use the name of your bank, healthcare, or any other service provider, and make a sense of fear or urgency to bait the innocents.

These catch-outs work effectively in case of vishing as it allows less time for the user to think and gain access over the live phone call. Some of the vishing tools include:

  • Caller ID Spoofing
  • Multi-channel scam (email or appointment before the call)
  • Social media information to verify their pretend fake identity
  • Other open-source channels

How is it affecting families?

The goal of these vishing scams is the same as other cyber attacks i.e. to take out money from your bank accounts by stealing personal and banking details. There are several common vishing attacks faced by families; let's check out the below:

  • Tech Support Scams
  • Telemarketing
  • SMS or Email Phishing
  • Tax or other bill voicemails

Tips to prevent Phishing attacks:

To attack your banking facilities, the offenders will target your bank account. Hence, it is imperative to keep it secure and secret. Let's use the below tips:

  1. Put limited personal information on online forums
  2. Don't trust services overcall, but contact them using the official numbers
  3. For urgent cases, visit physical centers for help (banking, bills, and payment)
  4. Don't share sensitive information on call (SSN, card details etc.)
  5. Use Two-factor authentication for emails and online accounts

If you encounter any phone call that puts you in doubt; you know what to do with them now!

Keep following ISOEH news for useful cyber security tips and protect yourself from digital criminals.

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