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29 Mar, 2021
Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Warning: Cybercriminals Ask For Bitcoins!

Cybercriminals leave no space when it comes to frauds. Indeed, the crisis works as an opportunity for them. Similarly, as the world is a bit relaxed due to the release of the awaited COVID-19 vaccine, the cybercriminals have some other plans.

INTERPOL and the US’s Homeland Security Investigations have come across several warnings about the online vaccine fraud in the country. It seems that the offenders are trying to affect the country’s vaccine programs.

As per government norms, the COVID-19 vaccine is strictly prohibited for regulatory practices and is only allowed to be distributed by the Authorized National Health Providers. Hence, if citizens are trying to book the vaccine from an unknown source online than from the registered healthcare center, they are certainly going for a wrong product.

INTERPOL chief Jürgen Stock said:

“From the very beginning of the pandemic, criminals have preyed on people’s fears in order to make fast cash. Fake vaccines are the latest in these scams, which is why INTERPOL and HSI are warning the public to be extra vigilant”

There are numerous corona virus-themed cyber frauds including fake marketplace for supply goods such as facemasks and vaccine news platforms.

Cybercriminals’ effort can be observed from the fake online marketplace created by them. We can find several fake websites with a legitimate look that often list national and global organizations and also offer pre-order options for the vaccine. If you go ahead with the options, it tells you to pay with Bitcoins. The whole setup is fake!

To make it look more genuine, the fraudsters are using different pharmaceutical companies’ logos involved in the vaccine manufacturing process. As per INTERPOL’s findings, the websites were carrying out phishing attacks or generating donations from the people.

Not only money, but the victims are losing their personal data and leading themselves to health risks.

Stay Safe:

  • Be aware if you receive any email or message for your vaccine, especially if they ask for crypto currency payments.
  • Check with your local healthcare center and official sources for updated vaccine information.
  • If you receive any notification allegedly from an official regarding your vaccine, contact the authorities from the official source (official website phone number or email).
  • Avoid clicking any email link or downloading any file sent from an unknown email address.
  • Use two-factor authentication for most of your digital accounts.

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