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29 Oct, 2021
Supply of Gas, Water & Govt. Services at High Risk in India

India's critical Infrastructure like Gas, Water, Electricity as well as Security Installations is at serious risk according to a Bangalore based Cyber Security Company. Serious Vulnerabilities have been brought into notice of the authorities to fix the loopholes. The flaws have made the previously thought cyber-attacks more helpless and susceptible to the industrial belts.

The Organization's recent study has depicted how the vulnerabilities can compromise the critical infrastructure to enable dangerous misinformation while endangering the supplies Water, Gas distribution system along with other Govt. services as a whole.

They have also studied that apart from other nations India has the most hackable treatment systems that can be easily taken into compromission. This on the other hand can affect a large population by the exploitation of the flaw in the software management system.

Credentials to the system managements are very much manipulative which would allow attackers to adjust and calibrate crucial activities that involve Gas Treatment, Water Treatment, Security Installations and others. The most important reason behind the vulnerability is human error, others involve weak, default and obvious passwords, third-party vendor data leaks, outdated versions of the software, etc. It is suspected that this information could be used for the sending malicious social engineering campaigns, sharing misinformation or the phishing mail.

In lieu of raising awareness, the report recommended real time monitoring of the Internet-Exposed OT Applications, leaked credentials, threat actors targeting OT Systems, unsecured cloud storages etc.

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