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07 Oct, 2021
Is Your Data at Risk with Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram?

It was not before just 72 hours that Facebook Inc. declared a massive outage in all its applications like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The server of all the three applications was completely down for almost 6 hours, confusing its users to switch on or off the mobile data or the device.

Read the news: https://www.isoeh.com/breaking-news-details-dark-web-trap-facebook-instagram-and-whatsapp-server-crashes.html

Later it came to notice that their vulnerability assessment was conducted by the internal security audit team to find out the various algorithm disorders in the system servers of the company, which let it crash for quite a long time. It was communicated on behalf of the team that they apologized for such an inconvenience.

Keeping in mind the few previous flimflams on which we could find the involvement of Facebook Inc. has led to rise in several questions in the minds of the cyber security experts round the globe.

Most importantly big shots like that of Facebook Inc. are extremely aware of making their server completely and regularly usable to the mass. Which on the one hand maintains a level of lump sum profit margin for the company and on the other hand lets the consumer believe and trust the brand. This phenomenon is commonly known as redundancy of an organization. The word basically means that the service should not stop in any case of hazard. It is expected that an organization like Facebook Inc. is mindful of its use capacity and should contain a number of database servers as backup in emergency situations. Here lies the ambiguity of the concept of redundancy by the organization. Question on the redundancy of Facebook Inc. puts forward lots of doubt in the mind of the user.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times*, a former data scientist in Facebook Inc blows a whistle against the security policy of the organization. Frances Haugen, the former data scientist, urged that the organization has numerous ways to keep user’s data safe and secure but won’t make necessary changes in the programme algorithm to do the needful. This controversial statement has almost made its mark on the internet to put a question in the security system on the Social Media mogul Facebook Inc.

According to other reports, Facebook employees were unable to access their critical work tools during the major outrage condition. There may be various reasons for this, but most discussed is the adverse effect of the data security system that could not hold for a backup in the most critical situation.

All the above statements do point to a road map which leads to the ultimate suspense of how much data security can these social media platforms provide their users with? The anticipation prevails in a condition of overshadowed technological circumstances.

Reference: *https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-10-05/facebook-whistleblower-says-social-media-giant-needs-to-be-regulated

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