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21 Sep, 2020
Alibaba, A Digital Threat To Indian Users?

According to various intelligence sources, it is being said that Alibaba, the trusted wholesale chinese marketplace is stealing data of Indian people. Around 72 India based servers are alleged in the data breach, sending the information to China.

The online trading platform is popular for its affordable rates worldwide. They offer service at a lower rate compared to the European companies. The multinational company has its headquarters in Hangzhou, China and has been in business since 1999.

It is observed that the company offers free trials and in return collects companies' confidential data; information used to register with them. Besides, the data stored in Alibaba's servers is presumed to be transferred to China.

Further, the intelligence sources included that China is planning to conduct a major probe on Indians soon. The Chinese cyber spy is active and ready to take action anytime.

India understands the moves of the Chinese government. To prevent Indian individuals and companies' sensitive data, Indian government has recently put a ban on 200 Chinese mobile applications.

China is the biggest fear for India at the moment. Whether it is at LAC or the digital attacks, we need to be careful!

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