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01 Nov, 2021
Delhi Police finds out Fake Cyber Redressal Websites

Delhi Police claims to have caught hold of a gang of cyber criminals who were cheating cybercrime victims in the name of cybercrime complaint lodging. The gang portrayed themselves as govt. officials had taken several online complaints and were also charging money for resolving their issues.

According to Delhi Police, The gang has cheated almost 3000 of the cybercrime victims who have been trying to lodge cyber complaints online. The gang has supposedly made over 1.75 crs over a short period of time. The members of the gang used to charge processing fees from the people who tried to lodge and then used to block them over the server.

A senior police officer of the department has said that a complaint was received about the incident of cheating, when he came across a website named www.jansurkashakendara.in. This site claimed itself as a reporting portal but had fraud credentials. According to the officer "He called on the mobile phone number provided on the website, who informed him that they are the authorized persons working with the government and they would lodge his complaint/FIR regarding the cheating. On the pretext of lodging his complaint, the alleged persons charged Rs 2,850 from him. Once the payment was received by them, they blocked the number of complainants."

On taking up the investigation of this case the officials have come across various other cases where the victims have been cheated badly in the pretext of resolving the cases. Using search engine optimization, the gang used to draw traffic on their fraud website. It came into knowledge that they even charged from Rs 500- 30,000 0n the context of solving cases and then used to block the complainant without taking any kind of actions. The gang had been arrested and included 12 members of which 2 were women. It is also claimed that they created several other similar websites for this purpose.

It has been regularly and often brought into notice of the citizens that the website for the filing the cyber complaint is named as National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal and the link is https://cybercrime.gov.in/.

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