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04 Nov, 2020
Mithaas - The Sweet Company Hit by Ransomware

Mithaas, one of the renowned sweets sellers in India, has recently been trapped by ransom attackers. As per Mithaas Sweets management, the computer servers were hacked which results in 5 years of data loss.

Interestingly, this is the second case where a sweet seller has undergone such a cyber attack. Haldiram's, the popular sweet and snack manufacturer, has faced a similar attack just before 10 days of Mithaas ransom attack.

As informed by Sumit Choudhary, operations director - Mithaas, it was found that the hackers locked the data and made it inaccessible for the in-house employees or engineers.

Mr. Choudhary explained:

"A pop-up window came up on the screen and a message flashed on the screen asking us to contact: email backdata@gbmail biz and ID: E4EB506E for data recovery,"

The director further apprised that instead of following the link or email, the sweet company contacted Quick Heal— the cybersecurity software company.

On contacting Quick Heal, Mr. Choudhary said:

"We were informed that there was no immediate solution for a cyber attack and it could take from three months to three years to recover the data. We were also advised not to visit the email provided to us on screen by the hackers,"

Fortunately, the sweet makers didn't face any financial loss due to the event. Though they lost important data of 5-6 years including reports and accounts.

How can we keep our data safe from these cybercriminals?

It is intrinsic for organizations to have a yearly website audit and testing to find cyber vulnerabilities, and fix them accordingly. Secondly, always have a backup of your important data in an encrypted format. Even if the data is hacked, it will be out of reach of these attackers.

Book a demo audit to test your website's cyber security.

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