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04 Nov, 2020
Ransomware Attacks on PTI Servers

PTI (Press Trust of India) computer servers have experienced an immense ransom attack. The attacks lead to an interruption in their operation and delay in delivering news to their Indian subscribers. Moreover, it took an all-night endeavor by the engineers to restore it.

The ransomware was identified as LockBit which has almost infected the complete server of the news company. As expected, the malware encrypted the data and information of the agency and stopped the delivery to the subscribers. Later, the hackers demanded a ransom for the recovery of data, by sending a message on the computer screen.

Interestingly, the hackers or the source of the attack remains unknown. Also, the main motive behind the attack was unrevealed, if it was a random or a planned one. Generally, a ransomware attack is performed to receive money (in the form of crypto currency or any digital money) against the victim's data.

In the case of the Press Trust of India, the engineers worked hard and restored all the operations and data, without paying any ransom to the attackers.

As per stats, only one-third of the Indian company could recover their data from these evil hackers without paying any ransom. While other companies stayed on the unlucky side.

Also, it was noted that these illegal activists attack specific companies in search of impressive ransom pay from them. These attacks can be very dangerous and can result in big data loss.

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