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12 Feb, 2021
Shocking! Around 3 Billion Passwords Leaked Online - Google And Hotmail!

This is really important. If you are among the others who use Gmail, LinkedIn, Hotmail, and Netflix, you certainly need to read it carefully.

Recently, around 3 billion user credentials have been leaked which was exposed by the hackers on the internet, as a part of the data breach.

This is the biggest data breach experienced by users ever before!

As reported by BGR, this is a major individual repository. Besides, this is not a result of hacking or an actual data breach. The cyber activity is termed COMB — Compilation of Many Breaches.

As stated by Cyber News, the hacking incident has the biggest data collection of different internet site logins. That means the digital offender who has access to your Gmail credentials can certainly login to your other online accounts (LinkedIn, Netflix, and other accounts).

As reported by Sudinfo.be— a Belgian daily, the hackers have traced more than 15 billion accounts using around 2.5 different email accounts.

Likewise, 117 million LinkedIn accounts were hacked!

BGR, the technology news provider said,
"At least part of your data is almost certainly taken into account in this flaw."

Don't panic!

To be on the safe side, it is strongly advised to change your email credentials immediately.

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