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11 May, 2020
An Overview Of Data Theft at Unacademy

The news of data theft at Unacademy has struck the world with wonder as well as uncertainty. The news piece said that the academy faced a major setback when the hackers took away the database of more than 22 million users that the academy used to manage.

The sensitivity of the news can be measured by the fact that the stolen data that belonged to the major MNCs, like Cognizant, Infosys, Google, and Wipro. The scam was noticed by Cyble, a US-based security firm and it was confirmed by Hemesh Singh, the Co-founder and CTO of Unacademy.

Responding to the report, Mr. Singh said to the news reporter, "Our internal investigations show that data of 11 million users have been challenged but it was reported to be 22 million in the Cyble news. The data includes email addresses, passwords, usernames, first and last login dates, account profiles, and account status." "The data includes the accounts that are active on the Unacademy platform." added Mr. Singh.

The data experts believe that the hacked data can cause some amount of insecurity among the people included in 11 million users. Though the company has been working on a war-footage to put things right again, the task cannot be that easy. The company is trying to safeguard the data before the data is further mishandled.

In the opinion of the data experts and legal advisers of the company, Unacademy is sure to face some legal consequences due to this data theft. With the Indian Data protection Regulation to be approved anytime soon by the parliament, a company can face 5 to 15 crore fine due to such breaches.

The victims can always proceed to initiate legal actions against the company to compensate for the loss that they may face due to this. Though the companies are still waiting for the situations to improve, they may decide in favor of going against the Unacademy.

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