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07 Aug, 2020
Intel Hacked, Canon May Fall Next - Major Data Breach

In today a Twitter user leaked a report that 20GB worth of confidential Intel documents stored on file sharing service documents that the twitter users claimed they received from an unknown hacker. According to the leaker, the folder contains classified information under NDA, and the hacker who provided the documents to the leaker said they had obtained the files earlier this year. The files have been posted publicly anywhere before the hackers are supposed to prepare to release more Intel data.

According to the report Till Kottmann, a Swiss software engineer published the data after receiving the files from an unknown hacker who claimed to breach the documents earlier this year. The leaked files include a bunch of Intel intellectual property that includes information on the internal designs of its chipsets. The leaked file includes technical specifications, product guides and manuals for CPUs and so much more.

This high profile leak comes on the heels of two major data breaches, and while this Intel data breach does not appear to be ransomware, it does appear to be just as severe. Garmin reportedly paid a ransom of millions of dollars to get its entire network back up and running after a cyberattack shutdown. Bleeping computer confirmed that the attack was the work of a new Trojan, wasted locker, which is able to bypass windows anti-ransomware tools and interact with windows application programming interface functions. This makes a wasted locker particularly nasty because it can tell windows how it should interact with whatever software it wants.

Another hacker is also holding hostage about 10TB worth of sensitive data from Canon. It's unclear what type of data it is, be it trade secrets or customer information. Bleeping computer reported that the initial attack was targeted toward Canon Microsoft teams and company email accounts, built the company ended up by taking two dozen of its domains offline, including one where Canon customers can upload their photos.

Summary of Leaked Intel Config Details Files:

  1. Intel ME brings up guides + (flash) tooling samples for various platforms.
  2. Various Intel developments and debugging tool.
  3. Various roadmaps and other documents.
  4. Binaries for camera drivers Intel made for spacex.
  5. Various schematics.
  6. Intel marketing material templates (In Design).
  7. Bootguard SDK (encrypted zip).
  8. Debug BIOS/TXE builds for various platforms.
  9. Intel traces hub+ decoder files for various Intel ME versions.
  10. Intel CEFDK (consumer electronics firmware development kit (bootloader stuff) sources.

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