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13 Jul, 2020
Remove China Apps Taken down: Google's Explains Why the App Is Removed from Play Store

In a recent development, Google removed the Remove China Apps from the Google Play Store. This came into effect immediately after Google removed India's Mitron app, the so-called rival of the Tiktok app from China. The incident of these removals from the Play Store was first noticed by Indian Express.

Responding to the increasing number of queries, Google has responded quite positively to this issue. The prominent search engine says, "Google takes care of the quality, safety parameters, and various risk factors while allowing the apps to appear on the Play Store. These apps are then available for users to download. Recently, we have removed quite a few and are in the process of removing some more apps as they tend to violate the policies laid down by Google." "We do not allow apps to get listed at our Play Store that encourage the users to remove or disable third-party apps. We also condemn any such apps that allow users to modify device settings or features until it is a part of verifiable safety parameters." Google further added.

The news on the Indian Express further says that Google has more reasons to remove the apps from the Play Store. Google states, "This is an accepted rule that has been designed to make sure a healthy and competitive atmosphere where app development professionals can succeed based on app design, development, and innovation. When apps are permitted to target other apps in an illegal manner, it can surely lead to behavior that Google believes is not in the best interest of the community of dedicated developers and consumers. We've enforced our related policy against other apps in various countries in the past – just as we fared here." The leading search engine, however, says that the Remove China Apps would work fine if the users have installed it in their handset.

What Is Remove China Apps?

As the name suggests, the app lists all the Chinese apps that have been installed in the mobile handset and then lets the user delete them all depending on their choice or needs. The app allows the users to decide which all they should delete and which ones should they retain. As per the data available, more than a million users have downloaded this app on their handsets.

How Does the Remove China Apps Work?

In the opinion of the prominent cyber security professionals at ISOEH, the app identifies the country of origin of the app developers and compares the data to the repository database of the apps that are developed and marketed by the Chinese companies. The experts assure that the app is perfectly safe for the users as it does not change or affect the personal data stored on the handset. The app was taking a lot of permission itself and had no well defined privacy policy. It was suspected that using anti China sentiment; it might be itself a malware spying on the mobile, once installed.

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