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26 Aug, 2020
WhatsApp Hijack Mode Is On

Maharashtra cyber, the state's nodal cyber security agency recently issued an advisory against a "WhatsApp hijack fraud" targeting users.

WhatsApp is currently one of the most used cross-platform messaging applications. This application has millions of users, which also attracts lot of scammers and hackers. New type of scam has started emerging in the WhatsApp community.

Cyber criminals are targeting users of the popular messaging platform and taking over their accounts. The scammers hijack the users account by gaining users verification mode through messages asking users to verify their phone number. Do not share your WhatsApp verification code, even if the messages claims to be the app's tech support team, and do not click on URLS sent by unknown contacts. WhatsApp will never message to any of the users even if it's a reminder to update the app or to synchronies' with new phone.

  • Hackers are getting access to the user's account including contacts and WhatsApp groups.
  • Hackers are targeting others contacts to gain access to other accounts as well.
  • Hackers are targeting users in messaging another users from a hijacked account asking them for the verification code.
  • Hackers can post photos involving nudity to WhatsApp groups and can make a story through victim's account.
  • Scamster can also trick a user's contacts by impersonating him/her and ask for money and access banking information.
  • Fraudsters are sending out fake Marks and spencer,tesco and asda vouchers on Whatsapp, recipient name is fake and designed to trick into clicking on the url to claim the alleged voucher.
  • Action frauds warns if someone click on url and it is taken to fake website designed to trick into handing personal information.

Be aware any email that claims any voice message from whatsapp and click a button to hear it. Genuine Whatsapp will be delivered via the application itself.

The secret messages sent to people inboxes claim have an exclusive chance to download "Whatsapp Gold".

You get ping a link on Whatsapp it promises you a discount at a supermarket or retailer. In return, you have to fill in a short survey. A win situation, right?

But in fact the link takes you to a counterfeit website, and when you plug your details in it goes straight to scammers.

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