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07 Apr, 2021
533 Million Facebook Users' Data Leak for Free - Big Blow for Facebook!

In a recent major Facebook data breach case, around 533 million people’s details are alleged to be leaked on the net. According to the sources, the data is expected from about 100 countries, and the data is available for free online on the low-level hacking forums. The Facebook leaked data contains Names, Gender, Relationship Status, Occupation and Work details (date of joining, company name and others).

This is not the first name that Facebook has come across a data breach case. In 2019, the Facebook database was accessed and sold on “Telegram” for USD 20 per search. Later, it was informed by Facebook that the respective vulnerabilities have been patched.

Unfortunately, the same database was hacked in June 2020, and again exposed in January 2021. Besides, the hackers have used the same vulnerabilities; people can use this to search a user’s phone number.

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Hudson Rock cybersecurity firm, Alon Gal was the first to raise the flag on this issue. In addition, tweeting on Sunday, Alon Gal has again mentioned the Facebook database leak information. He also stated that if someone has a Facebook account, then it is highly expected that the above mentioned details (Name, Gender, Occupation details etc.) has been exposed to the attackers.

As per the latest report, the leaked data is alleged from the below countries:

  • Afghanistan: 0.5 million
  • Australia: 1.2 million
  • Bangladesh: 3.8 million
  • Brazil: 8 million
  • India: 6.1 million

All the above data is available for free on several hacking forums.

Moreover, Facebook did not come up with any comments on the alleged data breach.

For India, this is the second data breach case appeared in the last 10 days. Earlier this tuesday, a 10 crore users’ details of MobiKwik (a mobile wallet and digital payment) was likely to be traced by the illegal activists and alleged to be sold on darkweb platform.

WIth growing technology in the country and with the aim of “Digital India,” India has to work on a robust mechanism for consumer’s protection and penal actions. Besides, the Personal Data Protection Bill is pending in Lok Sabha since 2019; the government should actively look into this considering the increasing hacking activities in the nation.

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