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22 Mar, 2021
Understanding DNS Records

DNS record is a database that maps URLs to IP addresses. When an individual type in a URL like google.com, the particular entry is sent to ISPs. Then, it is forwarded to the DNS servers. Ultimately, it passes on to the web server making the use of the corresponding IP address.

All the DNS users should be well aware of this essential information.

What are DNS records?

The regular user of the internet does not require having much knowledge of the DNS. However, if you are about to create domains or operate a site, you should understand these essential puzzle pieces.

Here's a quick warning: Switching the DNS records will affect the way your website is accessed. It is quite feasible to disable the URL accidentally. Your visitors will notice either a 404 error or a blank page if you are careless doing the same.

Types of DNS records

There are a few basic types of DNS records. Their use is to point visitors to a sub domain or even a domain or IP address. However, the essential DNS rectification includes a record, so that you may wonder about them as the default zone types.

Several types of DNS records include:

TXT Record

They seem to be more technical; however, they play a very crucial role in DNS records. The essential use of TXT is to have an SPF or data sender framework, which verifies ownership of the domains.

The question which arises is, why is it important? The reason is that it is the initial layer of safety against spam.

In general, with the absence of TXT records, there has been little accountability for domain users' actions. Anyone can create their domain, and if that is done anonymously, then there is nothing to find out who bought the domain or who is the one running it presently.


One of the most common types of DNS is CNAME. They highlight the duplicate titles that point to the same or single section of your website.


You might run your website through HTTPS if you process user information or anticipate your web properties and care about your security. It needs a certificate to verify your website's Genuity and deliver the highly secured encrypted data as requested.

As part of DNS information, CERT helps in storing site certificates. They let you transfer data more securely and allow you to run a quicker and much user-friendly web property.

NAPTR Records

A rare type is used to map email addresses and telephone numbers for SIP and VoIP services. It also lets you rewrite the domain names using regular expressions and is only edited by advanced users.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, DNS records are present on the web as the foundational element. They get updates from time to time as the internet is ever-growing and dynamic. They incorporate the most updated practices as well as legacy systems.

To become a DNS expert requires a massive amount of effort along with study as well as practice.

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