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22 Sep, 2021
Top 20 Tech Ideas to Effortless Living in 2022

Change in technology is the only constant ever. Life has been changed as we have started to hold a friendly hand with the Technological Advancement. Since the beginning of the era mechanisms like that of Pagers, Copiers, VCR’s, Landlines, Floppy Disks, etc. when from the most useful to antiquated in just no time.

It is highly fascinating to think about how the existing technologies have constantly upgraded themselves and would also go for further modernization as soon as the era passes. Data security in the era of information and broadcasting would be most valued. Interestingly we are looking forward to the top 20 most amazing technological upgrades in the upcoming 20 years.

Let the Countdown begin…

20. 3D Printing: One of the most amazing technologies that would feel super effortless to construct dummy models of buildings, structures within exactly no time. 3D printing is the most innovative process in which the materials are deposited, joined and solidified under the computer control to create a three-dimensional object typically layer after layer.

19. 60-Inch Home-Theatre connected to Cloud: In next few years each and every home will be well equipped with 60-Inch Home Theatre display installed in which the content would be accessible from the cloud. It is believed that this is going to change the meaning of entertainment to a whole new lot of amusement.

18. Medicinal Warning with wearable Gadgets: Wearable gadgets like that of Fitbits, Smart Jackets would soon have been outfitted with featured sensors that would not only keep a track of health information but also will help one with the regular and emergency medicine warnings.

17. Wearable Gadgets to become Indispensable: We have already been getting dependable on wearable gadgets to make our life as simple as ever. Fitbits, Smart Watches, Smart Shoes and Jackets will not only make us liberated from keeping the health information in mind and check but also will continuously track to warn about any deterioration.

16. Remote Business Meetings: Isn’t a trip to a business meeting amazingly two-in-one? The upgradation of the upcoming technology would make remote conduction of business meetings super easy, virtually as a standard. Business Trips would purely be perceptive as an individual’s power and wealth. Traveling in the near future might just be for leisure purposes.

15. Changes in Computers and Laptops: Carrying your laptop everyday may seem to be a trouble while working on a desktop workstation would make it impossible to gain access from nowhere. Upcoming technological advancements in future would develop foldable and rolling laptops and even desktops, even practically weightless. Carrying and accessing the workstation would be just a matter of no time.

14. Virtual Limits on Wallets: It is just a matter of time when there will be no existence of physical credit or debit cards. Even plastic money is going to change its roots to become a virtual medium of exchange in e-wallets connected to smart phones or other easy access devices. Mostly the security pin would be replaced by the biometrics for even safer access.

13. Change in Idea of Banking Service: It would not be of surprise if the traditional banking service would vanish to enroll to the newest of technology. The use of Blockchain technology is soon going to take the place of our day-to-day banking events in a very secure and progressive way.

12. Robots and Cobots: With due advancement in technology the daily chores of official as well as household tasks will replace human resources with its efficiency and speed. It can thus be understood that the workforce would soon be partially replaced by robot co-workers called Cobots.

11. IoT will be the new way of Life: Internet of Things (IoT) can basically be described as objects or “things” with embedded sensors, softwares to establish connections for sending and receiving data with ease. Use of IoT has been hefty and would steeply rise in the near future. Gadgets and wearables would be the latest technology on IoT.

10. High Precision Medical Surgery: Future generations will somewhat be privileged with high precision medical surgery with the help of medically trained robots. The robots would be trained in such a way that they could make medical decisions faster and operate with high-end precision and confidence.

9. Access to Other Planets in the solar system: Have you ever imagined a trip to Space? Technology has achieved a new height. Fantasy for a trip to space would be thrilling and true. Soon there will be educational tours in space and other planets. Holidays to the planets will be a round trip from space. It can also be a permanent settlement for few people to reside in planets like Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, etc.

8. Virtual Charging Services: Contactless virtual charger would soon be marketed to replace the traditional wired chargers for charging devices. This procedure of effortless charging would be indispensable from human life, charging various devices at the convenience of time and place.

7. Green Energy: Believing sustainability as the future. Technology itself would be much more dependent on natural and renewable resources. Green energy will be affordable and freely available. Vehicles and stuff would be readily available to run on green energy.

6. High-end Translations for Vernaculars: Languages and vernaculars would not act as a semantic barrier in case of trade or commerce. On the go translators with spoken and written languages would be readily available to ensure the world to be a global village.

5. Voice Commands and Gestures to replace typing: Typing on devices for exchange of communication would soon be replaced by the advanced voice recognition commands and gesture translation.

4. Change in Job Profile: The routine workforce would have a visible change in the job profile as the laborious and hazardous jobs would be done by the robots designed to manage the tasks.

3. Automated Intelligent Cars: Automated intelligent and driverless cars would rule the world in future. These cars would have various smart and brilliant sensors. Well equipped with other features they would be available for self-park.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Making it believe that the world revolves around us would be the most thrilling experience ever. With each and every action of ours Artificial Intelligence would be ready with several other options, suggestions just at a wink. Artificial Intelligence would soon compete with Real Intelligence.

1. Virtual On-the-Go Cloud: The world would soon have no meaning of the term “Connect”. The concept of Virtual Cloud would let the data always revolve around you just like the air does. Data and information can be accessed anywhere and everywhere as it would move with and around the individual.

The constant change in technological advancements would make life absolutely effortless in the next few years. It’s just the human being who needs to adapt with the world of technology.

The Technology is Ready! Are you?


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