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29 Mar, 2021
Security Webcam Best Equipment for Hacking

Security cameras hold a vital position in our day to day life. However, they can easily be hacked by someone professional in hacking. Today, let us discuss how an individual can hack a security camera quickly and conveniently.

There are negative consequences of the same. Hence, this blog will help you to understand how to protect your security webcam from hacking. Ultimately, the knowledge will help establish even tighter security in the companies or any other workplace.

How to secure your security Webcam?

Form a complex password

Don't use the default username or password that comes with your device at the time of purchase. Try forming an alternate password that is long and hence difficult to break easily. Also, don't make the use of addresses, last names, birthdays, or pet names. As per the recommendation, the upper end lower case letters, symbols and numbers would prove fruitful.

Update your security camera's firmware regularly

Try keeping your software up to date. It avoids further issues related to the hackers accessing your device. Also, the surveillance camera vendors request the users to update their devices manually. Hence, if you own the flexibility, don't forget to set up manual security updates.

Change your password after a certain period

Keep your firewall activated

The installation of a firewall between all your devices and your internet connection is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself protected. A firewall is a network security system. It offers a defensive wall by analyzing the traffic to and from your network. Ultimately, it supports keeping the hackers out. However, this has to be kept in mind that firewalls have to be turned on throughout the process.

Purchase a security camera from a reputable vendor

Try selecting a company or brand which holds security as the topmost priority. Explore and understand which camera suits you best (as per your needs and requirements).

Place security Webcams on their respective networks

One of the higher recommendations is placing the security network on a network of its own. The reason being, isolating cameras to a particular network will highlight if the camera is compromised or not. Ultimately, the hackers won't be able to grab access to any other device. Hence, a cloud server sounds to work perfectly for your security camera.

Avoid all suspicious links

Avoid tapping on suspicious links found in downloaded files or emails which you receive from unknowns. They ultimately leave you with installing specific malware. Hence, the most common and straightforward way by which hackers grab access to your system.

Multiple ways to hack a security Webcam

Being a hacker, the foremost thing to focus on is the deep dive technology approach. However, some non-technical methods tend to work well or better than their high-end counterparts. Hence, keeping an eye on the advanced and most straightforward solution is the key.

Data which can be found using Google Dorks?

  • Sensitive documents
  • Username and password
  • Email lists
  • Military or government data
  • Admin login pages
  • Bank account details
  • Few vulnerable websites etc.

On the other hand, a Google dork is a search that utilizes multiple advanced techniques to showcase something interesting. It has to be noted that everyone has access to the web, and hence it can be crawled by anyone.

Google constantly indexes the website automatically. However, some sensitive information is blocked from indexing, the whole content can be easily searched using advanced search operators or dorks.


Webcams are one of the crucial components which serve you positively in regular working. Hence, their updates, hacking, and precautions have to be kept in mind.


At the Indian School of Ethical Hacking, we provide an individual with the essential or advanced knowledge of anti hacking (Cyber Security). With multiple courses approved by ISP/IEC, we offer the best-in-class curriculum.

Hence, rely on us for your hacking needs, and you will soon be a professional.


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