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07 Dec, 2021
Secure Your Data with Few Simple Steps

The Internet has been a well-known global network without any boundaries since the days of its inception. Last quarter recorded almost 1.1 million cyber-attacks, whereas it has ranked among the top five countries in terms of the cyber security attacks. Data breaches have become the most common scenario in the lives of the people. Amid the most valuable items that an individual takes care of lies the personal data and its security. The creation of data by the user is one-of-the kind and uncontrollable peeking without the permission can lead to disaster.

Privacy and Security is the utmost requirement and the most important in the day-to-day life of an individual. Sometimes it can be complicated and overwhelming. There are simple and easy steps that can be taken care of to keep the data absolutely safe and protected with sustainable encryption. The steps to data loss prevention are:

No Usage of Public Wi-Fi:

Using of Public WIFI’s for making important browsing and transactions should absolutely be avoided as it can get your personal as well as professional information easily compromised on the open sources.

Avoid emails from unknown sources:

For the sake of data security maintaining the privacy of data becomes unavoidable. Opening the emails from unknown sources could make you vulnerable to the phishing links that the hacksers bait as a trap to the commoners. The emails and also text messages from unknown sources can be avoided in case of extra security.

Avoid storing passwords on the browser:

Most browsers have the option of saving the passwords of the websites that an user mostly visits. This action is mostly taken to make the task of the user more friendly and easy to save consumption of timing. This can also be effective in case the user forgets the password. To ensure the privacy of data and encryption and user should keep distance from saving the passwords into several browsers so that the data can be kept safe from getting compromised.

Always keeping private information in a secure place:

Saving passwords, personal information, credit and debit card numbers, identity numbers and home addresses should be kept private in secured locations in a portable storage or also with a reputable cloud service provider.

Constantly updating the privacy setting:

It is crucial to constantly update the privacy setting and changing the passwords in a regular interval to keep them updated from boot attacks and vulnerability.

Use of Two Factor Authentication system:

The use of Two Factor Authentication system in the account system adds an extra layer of security to the attempts of cracking the access to it. The two forms of authentication allow the user to track the usable apps from getting hacked.

Always log off from the accounts:

Using of the social media accounts or any other login accounts for various browsing and transactions. It is safe to keep the accounts that should be logged off from all the browsers.

Maintain multiple email accounts for various purposes:

Nothing is much riskier than using the same email address for various activities. It's highly a great idea to use multiple email accounts for separate purposes like that of personal and professional.

Stated above the various simple and easy ways that can help you to keep the data safe and sound from the vulnerabilities. Online privacy is a young and evolving issue that needs to be kept on for a longer time with efficiency and effectiveness. App lock can be another process to have the data secured from the compromise.


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