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15 Jul, 2021
Mature Cyber Security - The Need of the Hour

The corporate culture comprises multiple aspects of the company. It is defined as the manifestation and art of human intellectual achievement. The corporate culture is meant to offer employees motivation in the day-to-day execution of responsibilities and duties within a company's role.

One of the most concise definitions is "A way of behaving, thinking and working which exists in an organization." It is a set of shared goals, values, attitudes, and even practices, which comprise an organization.

How we think about advanced security:

Due to the cost and time related to the up-gradation of technology, which holds an advanced security design, it is feasible to have high security. On the other hand, some instant reduction in the present state of vulnerability can be gained to develop a secure and advanced cyber security solution within the corporate culture.

Leading the Way to Cyber security Maturity:

If an advanced and mature cyber security culture is to be gained, it must begin with the executive-level and C-suite leadership. It demonstrates personal behavior with a hardcore commitment to contribute effort to mature the organization's behavior. In a particular company, the attitude of leadership highlights the level of an individual's responsibility.

In highlighting the series introduction, it is proposed that the definition of the acronym FUD can be updated. It is also believed that the new meaning will be supported as a concrete foundation pillar to construct the attitude required to govern the autonomous journey necessary to maintain a better cyber security culture. Indeed, the updated perspective will be built upon:

Not compromising on the promise to regular improvement and ramping up maturity in the situation awareness of particular employee.

Fearless in the chaos of the versatile threat environment. Also, increase in attack surfaces due to the unknown vulnerabilities in technology that is deployed currently.

Decisive in all decisions, whether planned, updated or adaptive. The quick and updated changes arise as a result of an unexpected situation.

Such technologies vulnerabilities are classified in "The Art of War" as "Conditions." Indeed, the conditions are things on which the party poorly affected has zero control, which cannot be updated. However, the aspect which can be controlled is "Situation," which the condition has formed.

In a particular environment, like cybersecurity, people are asked to determine patterns and threats and then react instantly as per the information being provided. However, by enhancing the situational awareness of the human factor with a well-determined or mature cyber security solution or culture, an instant response to the condition and the opportunities the condition showcases will arise.

A well-mature cyber security solution is more significant than the total addition of all parts. The teamwork and collaboration are motivated by the investment in building to enhance the skill, knowledge, and awareness of each employee. It even demonstrates leadership's perspective of the importance of widening the security of the corporation. This particular series of forming a mature cyber security culture must be determined as to why an actual investment and focus choose an organization's most valuable asset.

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