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17 Jun, 2021
Key Essentials For Effective Cyberwar

The specifications of the familiar cyber security war are similar to other team sporting contests. Whether we consider baseball, football, or basketball, the game comprises four key elements on which it is either won or lost-winning consistently comes down to defense, offense, coaching, and playbook execution.

The key Essentials

In cyber security, losers and winners are characterized by fighting and beating the opponents in technology, education, leadership, information, and economics. In the past few years, it has been noticed that the U.S. business and government do not expel a superior advantage in multiple vital characteristics.

In recent times, the well-crafted assault and highly clever assault on SolarWinds has left each one within the community beguiled and marveling at how it can be done and even what to do about it.

We are Uninformed

Information in cyber security relates to the intelligence that every adversary holds at its disposal for usage in the attack strategy and planning.

For instance, consider looking back at the recent attacks, and you will absolutely realize that we have very little or almost no information about the attackers. On the other hand, the attackers hold a tremendous amount of information about us.

We come across multiple cyber attacks on both public as well as private sector entities. It has to be understood that the celebrities in the country have higher information about the targets, the technology we use to protect or detect them.

We are Uneducated

Still today, our universities are not capable enough of delivering the cyber security program for their students. On the other hand, the availability to a smaller audience has also made it available in the past few years. There is plenty of sensitive social training available in the educational program curriculum. However, only a few were capable of targeting the understanding of cyber threats and the precautions required to avoid being hacked.

As we are in the proper position to compete with global cyber security threats due to the lack of skills and knowledge, our adversaries have to spend a significant amount on training the workforce and developing enormous energy. The skilled workforce will ultimately help in dealing with threats related to cyber security.

Economic Battle, yet to win

Moreover, the economic battle related to this effect is even more devastating and disheartening as we notice actors using highly commoditized cybercrime as part of service tools that cost as little as $25 for an exploit kit support attacks against behemoths.

Security Technology lags behind

We often think about having a superior technology. On the other hand, we also wonder about having the most advanced technology and believe that China is the one who usually copies our technology and makes use of it in their products. However, with almost 3500+ software products available in the space, only a few are crafter to detect advanced and modern technology.

For instance, of several products present in the cyber security AI or artificial intelligence space, few are working to combine AI technology to help with threat detection. This is why there are significantly fewer developments, and only some of them are successful in having a commercialized product in the market.


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