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14 Jun, 2021
Information Security: Human And Environmental Elements

There are about four environmental and four human factors being involved in a particular situation comprising conflicts. There is always a need for training and spreading awareness to improve the behavior of each team member with respect to information security. Ultimately, it supports the organization to respond to an event effectively.

Here, we will dive deep into the knowledge related to environmental factors and how the training can improve each ecological condition's response.

Therefore, without much ado, let us see some environmental and human factors that are affecting the situation:


Decisions related to actions should be made based on accurate and complete information. Reality emphasizes greater importance on understanding possibilities and uses a significant matrix to analyze the action to be taken.

For instance, healthcare information security, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and scenario analysis and execution offer higher accuracy on which risk analysis has to be performed. Using output-based on risk to analyze the probability of a risk being exploited, the company or the organization can predict the adversary's designs in a better way.


As we all understand, friction is the force that prevents all actions and makes understanding the difference between impossible and challenging tasks.

Also, friction can be mental in case of decision-related to the change to operational procedures required to enhance informational technology. Additionally, it can be self-induced, resulting from a lack of a clearly stated goal, a lack of coordination or complicated plans, and even not clearly stated command structures.

There might be any such source of friction; the results will be psychological. However, in some cases, the physical impact on the human element involved in a conflict.

However, the training will consist of scenario analysis, scenario planning, and even the execution of targeting critical vulnerabilities that can compensate for the friction level found in a particular attack.


At the time of friction, fluidity, and uncertainty, the natural course events are needed to move to the disorder, which might result in chaos.

Indeed, the fact of the disorder can never be eliminated. Natural disruption arises in situations which are ripe for exploitation by an opportunistic.


Every episode in cybersecurity warfare and conventional warfare is a one-time result of a unique consolidation of circumstances that needs a proper and original solution.

Human elements:

Primal reactions

The era of uncertainty begins with healthcare information security, where the normal reactions need to be forecasted. At the time of test scenarios, it is of utmost importance to analyze and train on the particular actions required to be taken to reduce its breach design which the possibilities are termed as failure.


Denial is one of the most devastating aspects of attitude. Indeed, the worse thinking is when we consider the 'I can't believe that just happened to us' mindset.

Certainly, post-breach, the time lost easily is the particular aspect that leads to severe consequences.


In an organization, the cross-functional teams are composed of multiple levels. Also, thorough reasoning and creative thinking should be adequately encouraged. On the other hand, thorough reasoning and creative thinking are more likely to arise if the team comprises multiple cultures and genders.


Indian School of Ethical Hacking or ISOEH is one of the platforms where multiple employees and students are trained to overcome the everyday issues related to cyber security.

The students and the employees have been given IT security training for the last ten years and are qualified by ISP/IEC. We offer courses related to the master's in hacking and cybersecurity. We are a member of DSCI and NASSCOM.


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