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11 Jun, 2021
Importance Of Security Framework

Nowadays, every entrepreneur and businesses accept that the future markets will be led by IT-enabled companies. The reason behind, is the businesses that employ information and data, are not easily beatable in the market.

The era of digitalization has made the organizations smart, fast, and even unstoppable. The firms can easily connect with stakeholders/customers around the globe with the help of the internet. Additionally, it even leads to less cost incursion, and the process is less time-consuming.

Without the presence of the internet and computers, the exchange of information could be a different task. In the absence of security, the framework's growth is one of the biggest challenges for the companies operating in a highly vulnerable information system.

Benefits of Internet Security Framework:

A sophisticated IT security framework fulfills stakeholders' requirements, which could lead to a drastic change in the growth and development of a company. Indeed, there are multiple benefits of the security framework. Let us discuss them in detail:

A professionally managed organization will support in creating a more efficient IT environment. The practical security framework motivates the top managers or the HODs to choose a more scientific governance system in their particular department. It also supports core business activities and functions. Ultimately, it contributes positively to the effective utilization of the organizational resources. The security framework results in an accountable and more transparent business operation system.

Another significant advantage of a practical security framework is offering knowledge to the employees about the cyber attacks and threats, and how they could support the organization in fixing them.

It even supports the institutional management practices that ramp up both external and internal customers' confidence levels.

The security framework ensures higher quality customized and standard procedures to fulfill the regulatory compliance.

It supports an organization in monitoring, executing, and analyzing the performance process.

Lastly, it analysis whether an organization is fulfilling the standards and regulations of the industry or not.

Ultimately, analyzing and creating a positive as well as effective framework holds numerous benefits. Some of them can be easily noticed in a short period of time. However, few are tempted to be seen over time. There is caution about a framework which yields in short as well as long term; it will be a beneficial aspect for an organization!


Today, Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges faced by developing economies around the globe. India is one of the most prominent examples. In our country, cyber policies and laws are not so well planned and implemented. Therefore, businesses need to take a serious call to design a customized internet security framework. Generally, businesses can opt for IT consultants for a customized security framework as per their business requirement.

ISOEH- The Cyber Security Expert:

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We are members of DSCI and NASSCOM, and in partnership with MAKAUT.

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