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28 Nov, 2019
Federal Instructions to Monitor Social Media Responsibilities

The Indian Government designs new code of conduct to ensure privacy on social media.

Are you fond of throwing caution to the winds on social media and getting away with it?

Well the time is here for you to think twice before you do so.

The Indian Government has told the Supreme Court that a new set of rules to supervise irresponsible behavior on social media is going to be finalized by January 15th. The Supreme Court also got a slew of causes related to demand for sharing of decrypted data on social media pending in the courts of Chennai, Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh to itself.

The new rules will relate to any kind of posts or insertions which could carry elements of hatred, anti nationalism, social instigation and/or any form of outrageous activity on social media.

The two most popular social media entities Facebook and Whatsapp initiated the transfer of the cases to the Supreme Court since they could have affected national security.

The Supreme Court has declared that all the social media hearings would be heard in the last week of January.

However the Tamil Nadu government did oppose the social media giants supporting the transfer of the cases to the apex court saying that both Facebook and Whatsapp should decrypt any information asked by the government for analysis.

Both Facebook and Whatsapp said that they were not able of doing that as they did not have the key to do it and could only cooperate with the government.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta who represents the centres aid the decision to formulate rules for the social media is not intended at violating the privacy of the citizen but to protect and maintain national safety and security.

He also rubbished accusation that the initiative to trace the origin of a message on social media is actually to curb personal freedom.

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