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18 May, 2021
Businesses And Data Privacy: Why Is It Important

There has been exponential growth for the digital information in data being collected, managed, and distributed across multiple organizations; both externally and internally. Due to extensive data, there are higher chances of misuse and loss.

However, since a few years, numerous countries have promoted regulations related to data privacy. But, due to detailed provisions related to the enforcement and multiple implementation timetables, such regulations are not just beginning to kick in now. Ultimately, business adherence to these regulations is uneven at best, and the privacy, security, and compliance management could be drastically improved.

Today, as every individual opts for digital technologies, our activities are being monitored, tracked, and shared. But few things related to data privacy are not yet understood by us. Let us talk about them in detail:

1. Privacy is not yet understood appropriately. People don't value it.

Today, protecting privacy is a losing aspect for every individual. Businesses around the globe grab multiple details just by offering a free product. However, every free service or product is tied to a data element that business customers fail to recognize, and businesses can monetize them.

Additionally, people don't value the terms and conditions. They agree to the T&C available on the websites and didn't even bother to read them. Ultimately, an individual has to pay in return for not being vigilant.

What customers and businesses need to understand is the freedom to garner and share. The SPI or Sensitive Personal Info and PII or Personal Identifiable Information has long-lasting impacts. The primary or pivot consequence in this regard relates to the loss of Individual privacy.

2. We have socialized privacy risk

The availability of next-gen technologies is changing the way business processes are done across multiple industries. Today, even when an individual wishes to purchase a phone or gadget, several personal details have to be filled up. It is termed as the cost of achieving the basics of life.

With new normal like WFH or work from home and virtual/online schooling, the individual's family has become a digital hub. The requirement of high-speed internet at offices and homes is now a must for every individual. With the increase in smart devices, this has proven even more beneficial. The devices support collecting and processing hybrid quantities of sensitive and personal data, including biometric and geographical data and even the timing and frequency of interactions with the devices.

Significantly, last year citizens around the globe shared diverse information. The pandemic has forced each one of us to stay at home and rely heavily on the internet. People are making use of numerous applications or software which are accessing data from the individual.


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