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30 Dec, 2020
Understanding 'End-To-End Encryption'

"End-to-End encryption" is a new technique that communication companies are using to promote and make their services better. The function adds another level of privacy and data security to its users.

In the recent past, we have found that communication service providers are in support of data encryption. Didn't you find that in WhatsApp? Even Zoom (the meeting app) is using the technology.

So, what is "End-to-End encryption" and how it works?

In simple saying, the motive of the encrypted benefit is to transform the data into something that cannot be read.

Don't worry, it is clearly readable by the recipient. Besides, there is no individual manually transforming the original texts into the secret codes.

Generally, it is an act that converts the messages on one device in such form that it can only be read on the device/account on which it is sent. Hence, the data travels from the sender's device in an encrypted form and gets decoded only on the receiver's device.

Let's understand it more precisely with an easy example. End-to-End encryption is like a gift or box packing sent to your loved ones which can only be opened by them. That means that packing is so strong that none in the middle can open or read it. This packing (end-to-end encryption) ensures the sender with full privacy (between sender and buyer).

IT professionals are constantly working on users' privacy to provide them a safer and strong communication platform.

Is End-to-End encryption the solution for communication safety?

After going through the above information, we might get an impression that end-to-end encryption is the saviour to all our communication-transfer problems. However, it is untrue. Everything has some limitations, so as end-to-end encryption.

As we understand, the services will surely restrict the servers or others to read out or decode the messages sent between two parties. However, the servers are still able to get other information such as the date and time the communication happened.

Besides, if anyone gets access to your device, your communication is easily revealed. These will not only have they read your messages, but it also allow them to write and send messages on your behalf. Consequently, it is intrinsic to have a good security system on your device so that people won't access your data.

Is it good to use end-to-end encryption communication services?

It is best to have end-to-end encryption services as it is the most secure method at present you are looking to transfer or send any confidential data, then it would be the safest of all, this is the reason that many communication services are adopting the technology.

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